Phil Lesh Bio, Early life, Nationality, Family, Education, career, Net worth

Phil Lesh Biography

Phil Lesh is an American musician who was exposed to classical music ey. Lesh played the violin at the age of 8 and switched to trumpet at the age of 14.

Phil Lesh Early life

Phil Lesh was born on March 15, 1940, in Berkeley, California. (79years).Lesh grew up listening to and playing classical music. He then started playing the violin at the age of 8. As he played in the young people’s symphony orchestra in Berkeley. Afterward was also a member of the marching band at El Cerrito at the age of 14 years.

Phil Lesh Nationality

He is an American citizen.

Phil Lesh Family

Phil Lesh was the only child of Frank and Barbara Chapman lesh. His maternal grandmother, jewel cared for him growing up while his parents worked. Lesh’s father was an amateur musician. He had a wife called jill and the couple had two children together, Grahme and brian.

Phil Lesh

Phil Lesh Education


less enrolled at Berkeley high school, He switched to trumpet and participated in all of the school’s music-related extracurricular activities. He eventually developed a keen interest in avant-garde classical music and free jazz. He attending San Francisco state university for a semester. He was unable to secure a favorable position in a high school band he dropped out. Upon dropping out he auditioned for the renowned sixth army band. But he was unfit for military service.

Shortly thereafter, he enrolled at the College of San Mateo, Where he wrote charts for the community college. He then ascended to the first trumpet chair. In April 2015, lesh book known as(MY LIFE WITH THE GRATEFUL DEAD) was published. The book takes its name from the lyrics of a grateful dead song titled “UNBROKEN CHAIN”.

Phil let’s career

In 2009,lesh went back on tour with the remaining members of the grateful dead. later he found a new band with bob weir named FURTHER, which debuted on September 2009. In 2012,lesh founded a music venue called TERRAPIN CROSSROADS, in San Rafael, California .the venue officially opened on March 17, 2012, with a first of a run of twelve concerts by Phil and friends.

ATt the age of 74 lesh ceased touring full time since he used to perform regularly at Terrapin crossroads in 2014.he also used to perform throughout the united states of America and also festivals.

Phil Lesh net worth

Phil Lesh the American rock musician has a net worth of $40 million dollars.




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