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Phil Waldrep Biography, Age, Family, Spouse, Books, YouTube, Twitter

Phil Waldrep Biography

Phil Waldrep is Southern Baptist preacher, evangelist, speaker, author and founder of Phil Waldrep Ministries an evangelical nonprofit that organizes Christian conferences based in Decatur, Alabama.

Phil Waldrep Age

Waldrep was born in Morgan County, Alabama, near Decatur, Alabama|Decatur.

Waldrep Family

Waldrep was born in Morgan County, Alabama, to Linnes Waldrep, who was a factory worker and the grandson and great-grandson of Baptist preachers.

Waldrep Spouse

He is married to Debbie Waldrep and has two daughters Maegan Schwindling and Melodi Waldrep. His daughter Maegan and her husband T.C. Schwindling are the parents of his granddaughter, Emory.

Waldrep Education

Waldrep is a graduate of Calhoun Community College, of the University of Alabama, and of Luther Rice College and Seminary.

Waldrep Image

Phil Waldrep Image

Phil Waldrep  Career

Waldrep is Southern Baptist preacher, evangelist, and author based in Decatur, Alabama. He is also the Founder and President of Phil Waldrep Ministries, an evangelical nonprofit that organizes Christian conferences. He started preaching at the age of 14. Waldrep founded Phil Waldrep Ministries, which organizes Christian conferences. On October 5, 2009, Waldrep launched a 25-minute radio program, Living with Joy! Radio, broadcast on 500 stations of CSN International in heard in 46 states.

Waldrep’s 2002 book, Parenting Prodigals, provides advice to parents whose kids have dismissed their faith, with unique attention to Christian parents whose kids have not only abandoned their faith but have also become prey to alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and criminal activity. His parents ‘ recommendation involves encouraging “specific prayer” “love your child unconditionally,” and “allow sin to run its course.”

Waldrep Books

Reaching Your Prodigal: What Did I Do Wrong? What Do I Do Now?
The Grandparent Factor: Five Ways to make a Difference in the Life of Your Grandchild
Parenting Prodigals: Six Principles to Get Your Son or Daughter Back to God

Waldrep Youtube

If you want to view his official youtube channel click here and also here

Phil Waldrep Twitter


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