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Pocoyo En Español

Pocoyo En Español is an American / British / Spanish series created by David Cantolla, Colman Lopez, Luis Gallego, and Guillermo García Carsi.
It is produced by Zinkia Entertainment and Cartoon Network Studios, being distributed by ITV Global. It consists of 4 seasons of 52 episodes, each of about seven minutes, a short film and television, two video games for DS and Wii and a website called mundopocoyo.com.
The series premiered at 9:00 am ET / PT (Eastern Time, or Pacific), on April 7, 2006, being broadcast by Cartoon Network, in the United States. Pocoyo’s world is a 3D stage, with a white plane and no colored background. The entire series is created with Softimage XSI software.
It tells the adventures of a preschooler named Pocoyo, who is discovering the world and interacting with him. He is accompanied by his friends, Pato, Elly, Pajarito (in the Latin American version he sometimes receives the name of Sleeping Bird) and his pet Loula. Each chapter is introduced and conducted by a voiceover. In the Spanish version, his voice is José María del Río and in the Latin American version, Adal Ramones. In the English version, the person in charge of presenting the characters and interacting with them is the British actor Stephen Fry.
The technical quality in the elaboration of each chapter, the original arguments created by the director Guillermo García Carsí, some careful scripts (made in the United States ), an excellent sound and detailed animations, have made Pocoyo a recognized product success , which has been broadcast in countries such as the United Kingdom , Canada , Japan , New Zealand and Australia before reaching the Spanish screens. In fact, the first season had a budget of just over 5 million euros  .
The series was acquired by Cartoon Network United States on April 7, 2006.

Pocoyo En Español Main Character

  • Pocoyo: He is the protagonist and who gives a name to the series. He is a 4-year-old boy, with an innate curiosity for the world around him. The main characteristic is the happiness with which he does absolutely everything. Wears blue clothes and a hat. He loves to play outdoors and his enormous curiosity leads him to live endless adventures with his friends. It stimulates the creativity and imagination of its followers since its maximum form of life is “learning by laughing”. His parents do not appear in the series.


  • Duck: It is a yellow duck 5 years old. He is Pocoyo’s best friend and always wears a green hat (except in 2×28 at minute 1:34, he flew and did not wear a hat from the minute to the end). It is a shy and cautious duck. However, despite all the precautions he takes to get things done in a certain way, they never turn out the way he wants. He is the one who puts the discordant note with the other character, a friend of Pocoyo. Sometimes he’s a bit cantankerous.


  • Elly: She is a 4-year-old pink elephant whose affable personality contrasts with that of Pato. She is the strongest and helps her companions when they must make some big effort. It is funny and playful. He has a huge heart and always answers the questions of others. Sometimes he behaves like a know-it-all. He likes to go on a scooter and dance ballet.


  • Loula (Lula in Spanish America ): She is a 7-week-old beagle dog and is Pocoyo’s mascot. His role is limited to being, pet. She is always ready to play, even if others do not want to play at that moment.


  • Pajarito (sleepy bird in Spanish America ): It is a green bird of 41 years of age He spends all day sleeping, except when he revolves around his alarm clock. Despite being very sleepy, participates a lot in the adventures of Pocoyo.


  • Nina: Pocoyo’s new friend for the New Season. She is 4 years old as she says in WIKIA.

Secondary characters 

  • Pajarito (Baby Bird in Hispanic America ): It is a bird that is born from an egg that cares for Pajarito, appears on several occasions. It is characterized for being more active than Pajarito, it never sleeps. It appeared for the first time in The surprise of Pajarito(1×9)


  • The narrator (Stephen Fry): He is the one who helps in the Pocoyo series, he even asks the same spectator to teach Pocoyo.


  • Fred the Octopus: is a red octopus with 4 tentacles. It appears in several episodes. Live at the bottom of the sea with Whale. He is also a Juggling Games Master (he taught Elly).


  • Whale: A silent whale that Pocoyo knew under the sea. It appears for the first time in the episode Ballena’s Birthday (1×35).


  • Valentina (Caterpillar in Spanish America ): It is a yellow caterpillar with a blue ribbon on the top of its head. He has the ability to transform into a butterfly when she wants. She has a hungry hunger and is very close to Pajarito.


  • Butterfly: A butterfly that sometimes plays with Pocoyo.


  • The Extraterrestrials: The cute aliens that Pocoyo met in space when he was trying to find his lost plane and when they found him they celebrated a party.


  • Orquesta Pelota: A group of musical balls that play the trumpet, drum and cymbals.


  • Children: they are children who are with the narrator and always answer the questions of the rest of the other characters and gave the name to Valentina.


  • Musical Flower: A flower that appears in the episode Magical Watering (1×21). He dances with music and falls when he is thirsty.


  • Musical Blocks: They are blocks that move with the radio or anything, they catch Pato and Pocoyo has fun with the music until he rescues Pato (that music has rock and roll , 60s jazz and classical, the opera is La ride of the Valkyries ).


  • The Alien family: It appears for the first time in a chapter in which the son of the family, the green alien, is lost and Pocoyo finds it. Your family will appear to take you back to your planet.


  • Cloud: A cloud that appears in the chapter A small cloud / The cloud (1×13), overshadows Pato and Pocoyo but ends up being friends.


  • Arañita (Spider baby in Hispanic America): A small blue spider that was born from an egg that Pato took care of (in the episode El Huevo (2×35), he believes that Pato is his father, he loves to play and he becomes very close to Pajarito and Valentina.


  • The city balls: Only appear in the chapter Poczilla (2×45). At first, they get scared, but they end up being friends when Pocoyo and Pato rebuild their city.

First season 

The first season of Pocoyo is made up of 52 chapters, with an approximate duration of 7 minutes each.

Second season 

The second season of Pocoyo is also composed of 52 episodes, with an approximate duration of 7 minutes each.

Synopsis Season 1

1 HUSH (SHHH …) Pocoyo wants to make friends with a butterfly, but every time he approaches to say “hello”, the butterfly flies away. With the help of Pajarito, they manage to get close to her.
2 POCOYO DANCE (THE POCOYO DANCE) Pocoyo finds a radio. Duck dances to the funky style, while Elly demonstrates an impeccable ballet. Pocoyo listens to a tune he likes and finds his own style. Everyone dances in their own way!
3 DRUM ROLL PLEASE (MUSIC, MASTER!) Pocoyo and his friends love to dance to the music of the orchestra. When the orchestra stops, our friends try to form their own band. The snoring of Pajarito serves as a base, and together they make a wonderful and full of harmony.
4 UMBRELLA UMBRELLA (THE UMBRELLA) Pocoyo finds an umbrella. He has a great time with his friends playing with this new object while trying to find out what it is for. When it starts to rain, Pocoyo – with the help of our spectators – gives it good use!
5 A MYSTERY MOST PUZZLING (A DISCOVERING MYSTERY) Pocoyo has to follow the clues through a series of photographs to find out who has taken the camera.
6 A PRESENT FOR ELLY (A GIFT FOR ELLY) Pocoyo decides to make a very special gift to Elly. What will it be about?
7 THE BIG SNEEZE (SNEEZES) Elly has a cold and the sneezes are so strong that they knock down Pocoyo’s tower of construction pieces. Pocoyo and Pato have to find a solution.
8 DOUBLE BUBBLE (BUBBLES) Pocoyo is having a great time making soap bubbles. Elly also wants to play. They do not agree to share the toy. In the end, they realize that it is best to share.
9 SLEEPY BIRD’S SURPRISE (PAJAROTO’S SURPRISE) The egg of Pajarito takes on a life of its own. Pocoyo and Pato have to return it to the nest just before something goes out of the shell.
10 SWEPT AWAY Pocoyo teaches us that picking up can also be fun: a broom can be a horse, a guitar or even a hockey stick!
11 WHO’S ON THE PHONE? (WHO’S AT THE PHONE?) Pocoyo finds a phone. You have to find out what it is for and who is on the other side of the headset. It’s about Elly, who invites everyone to a party!
12 FETCH LOULA FETCH! (SEARCH, LOULA, LOOK) Pocoyo and Loula go to the beach, but they lose the ball. They learn new things about colors, shapes and figures as they find their friends.
13 A LITTLE CLOUD (THE SMALL CLOUD) Pocoyo has a very special friend: a small cloud that only wants to play.
14 TABLE FOR FUN (POCOYO RESTAURANT) When Pocoyo and Elly decide to play at the restaurants, Pato, very angry, unconsciously becomes the unpleasant customer. Pato does not understand that it is a game.
15 KEEP GOING POCOYO (INTÉNTALO, POCOYÓ) Duck and Elly are having a great time jumping rope. Pocoyo thinks it’s funny and he also wants to jump. He tries, but he does not succeed. He asks his friends for help.
16 WHERE’S POCOYO? (WHERE ARE YOU POCOYÓ?) Pocoyó plays with us to hide and seek. Can you find him?
17 DRUMMER BOY (EL TAMBORILERO) Pocoyo wants to play the drum, but his friends are busy with other instruments. Pocoyo learns that sometimes friends do not have to do the same as him.
18 THE GREAT RACE (El GRAN CARRERA) Elly and Pocoyo race, and are surprised when a stranger beats them.
19 DO NOT TOUCH! (DO NOT TOUCH IT!) Pocoyo has to take care of the beautiful castle that Elly has built with the building blocks. Pocoyo can not resist the temptation, he touches the castle and knocks it down without wanting to. How will you fix things Pocoyo?
20 MYSTERY FOOTPRINTS (THE MYSTERY OF THE FOOTPRINTS) Pocoyo and his friends discover that their tracks are completely different. When they see huge footprints, they get very scared, but soon they realize that one of them is wearing some strange shoes …
21 MAGICAL WATERING CAN (THE MUSICAL FLOWER) Pocoyo gives his friends the few drops of water left in the shower instead of giving it to his musical flowers. Pato and Elly are so grateful that they return the favor.
22 TWINKLE TWINKLE (SHINE, SHINE) Elly finds a very pretty star that has fallen from the sky. He is delighted with her and wants to stay. Pocoyo explains that the star is for everyone. Together, they return it to the place where it should be.
23 HICCUP (HIPO) Duck has hiccups. Pocoyo, Elly, and Loula help him to get rid of him by giving him a big surprise.
24 PATO’S POSTAL SERVICE (THE DUCK POST SERVICE) When Pocoyo wants to send a letter to Elly, Pato acts as a mailman. After many comings and goings, Pato delivers a giant size package.
25 PUPPY LOVE (A CARIÑOSO PUPPY) Pocoyo does not want to play with Loula because he already has a toy dog.
26 BAT AND BALL (THE BATT AND THE BALL) Our friends are going to play batting the ball with Fred, the octopus. Everyone wants to hit, but soon they learn that they must wait for their turn.
27 ELLY SPOTS (ELLY IS MALITA) Elly has spots, so Pocoyo and Pato have to stop the picnic to take care of her. When she recovers, Elly thanks her for organizing another snack.
UP UP AND AWAY (CAN I PLAY?) Our friends are playing with a toy airplane when they fly off into space. They go on an adventure to retrieve their toy. Along the way, they meet some kind aliens.
29 A SURPRISE FOR POCOYO (A SURPRISE FOR POCOYÓ) Pocoyo’s friends decide to prepare a surprise party to show him how much they love him.
30 HAVING A BALL (WHERE’S THE BALL?) Pocoyo and Pato plays with their new ball. Suddenly, the ball takes on a life of its own, and our friends have to chase it. Who will have it? It’s Baby Bird, who also wants to play!
31 SUPER POCOYO (SUPER POCOYÓ) Today Pocoyo is Super Pocoyo – a superhero willing to take his friends out of trouble, even when they are not.
32 LET’S GO CAMPING (LET’S GO TO CAMPING) Our friends have planned to take a trip – however, Pocoyo and Pato have too much luggage. In the end, they realize that the only thing they need to hike is their friends and that it does not matter if you’re at home or away.
33 THE KEY TO IT ALL (THE MASTER KEY) Pocoyo finds a key that takes him to a new adventure of exploration and discoveries.
34 FUSSY DUCK (MANIAC DUCK) Duck, fresh out of the shower, intends to stay clean. Pocoyo and Elly do not think the same, and soon Pato realizes that for washing to be fun, you must first get dirty!
35 WHALE’S BIRTHDAY (WHALE’S BIRTHDAY) It’s Ballena’s birthday. When our friends lose their gifts on the way to the party, they are sad. However, it is enough for Ballena to see them. The only thing that is needed for a party is friends!
36 ELLY’S BIG CHASE (ELLY’S JOURNEY) Elly embarks on a fantastic journey in dreams. While she is asleep in her chair, Pocoyo and Pato protect her from danger.
37 BEDTIME (TIME TO GO TO THE BED) Pocoyo and Pato have to go to bed. However, Pocoyo is not tired at all. Every time Pato is about to fall asleep, Pocoyo bothers him. In the end, Pocoyo is tired, and together we help Pato to sleep.
38 JUGGLING BALLS (MALABARISTAS) Pocoyo is very impressed with how well they give Elly and Fred the octopus juggling. Pocoyo also wants to play. Fred the octopus has Pocoyo practice a series of activities that at first glance have nothing to do with juggling. In the end, Pocoyo gets it!
39 POCOYO’S LITTLE FRIEND (POCOYÓ’S LITTLE FRIEND) Pocoyo finds a new friend – a hungry caterpillar. He is amazed by how his little friend transforms.
40 POCOYO POCOYO (POCOYÓ, POCOYÓ) Pocoyo finds a new friend to play with – his ecoooo!
41 PICTURE THIS (IMAGINE IT) Pocoyo imagines that fish live in different places and makes several drawings for his friends.
42 MUSICAL BLOCKS (THE MUSICAL BLOCKS) Pocoyo and Pato are having a great time playing with some magical construction pieces that form towers when some kind of music is played. However, the fun ends when Pato gets stuck on top of a very tall tower. How is Pocoyo going to make his friend come down safe and sound?
43 PAINT ME A PICTURE (DRAW ME) Pocoyo has decided to paint a portrait. However, none of his friends endured the necessary time to finish the painting. Pocoyo is sad because he thinks he has not been able to achieve what he wanted to do, but when he looks at the painting in a different way, he realizes that he has managed to capture the essence of his friends.
44 ELLY’S DOLL (ELLY’S DOLL) Pocoyo is in charge of watching Elly’s favorite doll but breaks it. Instead of telling him the truth, Pocoyo pretends to be his wrist. Elly soon realizes what is happening. Elly forgives Pocoyo and fixes her doll.
45 GIGGLE BUG (YOU HAVE TO LAUGH) When Pocoyo is very sad, Fred the octopus tries to cheer him up. When Elly falls while rehearsing her ballet steps, Fred encourages her. When Pato is in a bad mood, Fred has a hard time making him laugh.
46 POCOYO GETS IT RIGHT (POOCYÓ GOES WELL) Pocoyo wants to play pitch and putt like his friends, but the truth is that he is not very good at it. He pays a lot of attention to see how his friends do it and in the end, he gets the hang of it.
47 A DOG’S LIFE Pocoyo wants to be a duck, a dog, and an elephant, but when Loula needs your help, our friend realizes that it is best to be himself.
48 WHAT’S IN THE BOX? (WHAT’S IN THE BOX?) Pocoyo’s new box comes to life when Loula crawls underneath. In the end, with the help of his friends, Pocoyo guesses WHO is in the box.
49 POCOYO-LYMPICS (POCOYÓLIMPIADAS) Pocoyo, Elly, and Pato celebrate their own version of the Olympics – with a series of fun and original tests.
50 COLOR MY WORLD (THE MACHINE TO COLOR THE WORLD) Pocoyo finds a new toy – a remote control that changes the colors of the things around it. He has a great time until his friends begin to change color. In the end, we have to help you fix things.
51 A LITTLE SOMETHING BETWEEN FRIENDS (SOME FRIENDS) Pocoyo and Pato get angry, they really get mad. They are so angry, they build a wall to separate. While they are on either side of the wall, they realize that it is not fun to be angry with friends and that they miss each other so much.
52 WACKILY EVER AFTER (ERASE MANY TIMES) Pocoyo and his friends play dress up and the narrator decides to tell a story. The traditional fairy tale adopts a somewhat crazy style since the characters skip conventionalities giving the story a fun touch with surprising results.

Synopsis Season 2

1 POCOYO’S PRESENT (THE GIFT OF POCOYÓ) Pocoyo has received a gift with a very nice package but does not want to open it. Elly dies to know what’s inside. He begs and asks him to please open it until he decides to take desperate measures. In the end, he gives it up for lost. The next morning she wakes up and realizes that the gift was for her: it’s her birthday!
2 MAD MIX MACHINE (THE MIXING MACHINE) Pocoyo finds a very cool machine that mixes objects and makes new and original toys. However, when Pocoyo puts his friends in the machine, he dislikes them. In the end, Pocoyo has to get things back on track and share the new machine with his friends so they can have fun too.
3 BIG SCARY SLIDE (TOBOGÁN DEL TERROR) There are a lot of exciting Pocoyolandia attractions, including a great slide that gives a lot of respect. Pocoyo is afraid and does not want to go up. Elly becomes frightened and asks Pocoyo to take her hand. Pocoyo is brave enough to help Elly and manages to overcome fear. There’s nothing better than trying new things!
4 ELLY’S BALLET CLASS (ELLY’S BALLET CLASS) Elly wants to be the first ballerina in a ballet group, so she tries to teach her friends how to dance. She gets upset because our friends do not get the steps the first time, and Elly also gets very bossy. In the end, everyone dances their way.
5 GUESS WHAT (GUESS WHAT) Pocoyo plays with us. It shows us a series of very strange figures so that we can guess what they are, is it a blue tree? No, it’s Pocoyo’s legs! Is that a big, pink mountain? No, it’s Elly! Fred the octopus looks like a big red flower, while Duck looks like a springboard. A very fun riddle game to learn to see things differently …
6 MR BIG DUCK (LORD GRAN PATO) Duck is getting older and does not want to play with his friends. Try to get Pocoyo and Baby Bird to join their group. Anyway, in the end, Pato and the others realize that it is much better to play with friends than to be “cool”.
Pocoyo is having a great time playing with his friends, but he does not realize that he has messed up everything and leaves without picking up. When he sees that his friends no longer want to play with him, he manages to understand the importance of not only having fun but also helping to collect.
8 POCOYO’S BALLOON (POCOYÓ’S GLOBE) Pocoyo is walking with his favorite balloon, but Loula arrives, gets distracted and the balloon escapes her. Pocoyo is amazed to see how the balloon rises in the sky. Pocoyo gets very sad until we help him to realize that there are much more important things than balloons: friends!
9 WHO’S CALLING ME NOW? (WHO’S CALLING ME NOW?) Pocoyo finds a box with very special whistles, he discovers that each whistle plays a different sound and that he also calls his friends … What fun … until the tables are turned as there is a whistle call Pocoyo, our friends get angry, until Baby Bird, disgusted, get them to realize how foolish they have been.
10 BAND OF FRIENDS (BAND OF FRIENDS) Pocoyo finds a small red figure. At first, the figure teases him and hides from him, making him jump and chase her. But then the figure calls his friends, they play music and dance for Pocoyo and our friends.
11 UPSIDE DOWN Duck gets stuck: it is hanging upside down from the sky. Pocoyo and his friends try to help him but it does not help. In the end, they show Pato how much they love him and what they miss him. When forgetting about his problem, Pato manages to get down and return to his normal position.
12 NEW ON THE PLANET (NEW ON THE PLANET) Pocoyo gets scared when a stranger arrives in Pocoyolandia, but soon realizes that there is no need to be scared of the little alien and they become friends. In the end, the alien returns to his planet from outer space but promises that he will return to visit them.
13 ALL FOR ONE Pocoyo wants to play, however, Baby Bird is flying through the sky, Pato and Fred, the octopus, are making the helicopter, Elly is dedicated to jumping through outer space and even Caterpillar becomes a butterfly and goes flying. In the end, Pocoyo’s friends realize that our friend feels sad and lonely, so they help him fly through the sky like them. Everyone has a lot of fun together.
14 ELLY’S SHOES (ELLY SHOES) Elly has bought a pair of very nice new shoes to disguise herself. He likes them so much, that he does not want to take them off or go to bed! They hurt his feet a lot, he can not play with his friends. In the end, Elly realizes that the shoes are very good to disguise, but that the best thing is to take them off to play with their friends.
15 DUCK STUCK (DUCK DUCKED) Pocoyo finds a very strange door. When he opens it, it seems that it leads to heaven. He almost can not believe it and teaches it to Pato. However, this time what is on the other side of the door is the bottom of the sea. Duck is so fascinated, he goes through the door and gets trapped. Every time Pocoyo opens the door, a new site appears. Pocoyó can not rescue Pato. In the end, Elly helps him bring Duck back and they throw a party to celebrate that they are together again.
16 SCARY NOISES Pocoyo and Pato leave in search of adventures in the Vamoosh, but they have to land on a very strange planet because they lose a piece of the ship. While looking for the piece, Pato is scared because he hears a very strange and frightening noise. He sees that the noisemaker is an extraterrestrial, but Pocoyo does not believe it. Pocoyo soon proves for himself that Pato was telling the truth. When the alien returns the piece of Vamoosh that they were looking for, our friends realize that there is no reason to be scared and that the alien only wanted to make new friends.
17 NOT IN MY BACKYARD (NOT IN MY GARDEN) Pocoyo sees that he has some junk that he no longer needs and decides to do a cleaning. Baby Bird, Pato and Elly do the same. Soon they are faced with a huge pile of garbage, and it so happens that the door of Caterpillar is stacked in front of it. A Caterpillar does not seem at all right, so he throws the garbage, which lands on Duck. Duck, in turn, throws the garbage into the sea. The trash is passed from hand to hand until Pocoyo discovers that the garbage has been passing in circles. To break the circle, Pocoyo helps his friends make new toys with garbage.
18 VAMOOSH ON THE LOOSH Pocoyo promises Baby Bird that he will teach him how to drive Vamoosh, but he always postpones it. Tired already, Baby Bird decides to drive it himself. However, as he does not know, the Vamoosh spins out of control almost run over the caterpillar, Pato, and Elly. In the end, Pocoyo manages to rescue Baby Bird with the help of Elly and super turbo Duck. Pocoyo realizes that he must keep the promise and teach Baby Bird to drive.
19 DETECTIVE POCOYO (DETECTIVE POCOYÓ) Elly is overwhelmed to see that her beloved doll has disappeared. Detective Pocoyo decides to help Elly and looks for clues to see where the doll is. While Pocoyó returns to the scene of the crime, Elly realizes that the doll has not disappeared: it was simply in another place. Elly is very embarrassed to admit that she has not lost it and tells Pocoyo that she does not want her doll anymore. However, Detective Pocoyo discovers the truth and the mystery is solved.
20 SCOOTER MADNESS (WHAT INSANITY WITH THE VESPA) Pocoyo and Pato find Elly’s scooter and decide to give it back to her. Pato is delighted with the scooter and he forgets who he belongs to. Duck’s pirouettes are increasingly exaggerated until the end breaks the scooter into pieces. Pocoyo and Pato try to fix it but it’s no use. How are they going to tell Elly? At first, they try to hide it, but they end up confessing. Luckily, Elly does not get angry because she bought a new scooter and because her friends decided to tell her the truth.
21 LOST IN SPACE (LOST IN SPACE) Pocoyo goes to visit his alien friend since he wants to teach him his beautiful planet. Pocoyo and the alien have a great time discovering new things until they realize they have been lost. They are very scared, but in the end, Pocoyo realizes (with the help of the narrator and the spectators) that if he tries to remember the last place he has been, he can find his way back.
22 BOO! (BUU!) Pocoyo has discovered a new game that he loves to play: BUU! What happens is that their friends find the game boring or scary. But this only makes Pocoyo more insistent. He is dedicated to scaring Pato until he gets on his nerves. Elly sees how much Pato has been scared and decides to give Pocoyo some of his medicine. Elly gives Pocoyo a scare. At first he does not like anything, but in the end Pocoyo and Pato realize that frightening and being scared can be fun.
23 PARTY POOPER (AGUAFIESTAS) Pocoyo is going to have a party and invite all his friends. But instead of letting his friends have fun, Pocoyo does not stop giving them orders. Duck, Elly, and Fred get tired right away and leave the party. They leave Pocoyo alone. He realizes that a party without guests is not a party, so he returns to invite his friends and have a great time together, home one having fun in his own way.
24 MY DUCK! (PATO MINE!) Duck and Elly are fighting over the building blocks when Caterpillar and Baby Bird arrive with gifts for Pato. Oh no! Pocoyo and Elly have forgotten that it was Duck’s birthday. Elly decides to take Pato to make a birthday picnic and show her how much she cares. Pocoyo, who does not want to be less, appears at the picnic with a gift, but Elly takes revenge and breaks it “inadvertently”. Pocoyo and Elly start to fight over Pato until they almost break him in half. Tired of so much discussion, Pato collects all his things and prepares to leave. When Pocoyo and Elly realize that because of him, Pato has left, they make peace and prepare a special birthday party for Pato.
25 BABY BIRD BOTHER (BABY BIRD MOLESTA) Baby Bird is amazed at how Pocoyo plays ball. Baby Bird continues to admire Pocoyo, but this time while playing with the building blocks. Baby Bird thinks that Pocoyo also looks great. At first, Pocoyo loves to have an admirer, but then he realizes that he can not do anything without Baby Bird interrupting him. In the end, Pocoyo becomes so angry that he tells Baby Bird to leave. Pocoyo loves doing things on his own, but after a while, he begins to wonder where Baby Bird will be. When Pocoyo realizes that Baby Bird just wanted to be his friend, Pocoyo decides to invite him to a party just for him.
26 DIRTY DOG (DIRTY DOG) Duck is enjoying watering the flowers when he suddenly starts to smell very bad. It’s Loula. Stinks. Elly is getting a few drops of perfume when she suddenly realizes she smells terrible. Out! When Pocoyo can not even eat a sandwich because of Loula’s smell, a plan comes up. You have to bathe her. The problem is that Loula does not want to enter the bathtub, so Pocoyo, Elly, and Pato have to chase her everywhere. Our friends decide to cheat Loula to put it in the washing machine, but they also can not get it. How are you going to end this smell? But suddenly, it starts to rain and Loula finally bathes.
27 THE SEED (Pocoyo) Pocoyo finds a seed. He is anxious for it to grow. She takes great care of her, but she can not prevent her friends from being interested in the seed. For Pajaroto it is a very delicious snack, but Pocoyo prevents him from eating it in time. For Loula it’s the perfect toy to bury and Pato thinks it’s an egg. In the end, Pocoyo builds a security system to protect the seed, but Elly unintentionally knocks it down. Pocoyo’s seed becomes a beautiful flower. But Loula grabs her and shakes her. Pocoyo is very upset until he realizes with our help that what Loula has done is spread the seeds, making many more flowers grow.
28 RUNAWAY HAT (THE HAT THAT ESCAPES) It’s windy and Pato loses his hat. Pato does not like to be seen without his hat and he is afraid that his friends laugh at him, so he hides not to play. In the end, his friends find him and nothing happens. Duck tries new hats, but none of them fits too well. When Elly and Pocoyo realize what is happening, they can not understand Pato’s reaction. They like it as it is. Pato realizes that his friends love him as he is and play together again.
29 INVISIBLE POCOYO (POCOYÓ INVISIBLE) Pocoyo finds a fascinating new toy: a machine that makes things invisible! He wants to teach his friends about the discovery, but they are too busy to listen to him. Pocoyo gets angry but realizes that he can have fun with them without them noticing. He becomes invisible and begins to do all sorts of mischief to embarrass his friends. Things get complicated when Pato blames Elly and Elly blames Pato, although we know it’s Pocoyo’s fault. In the end, they discover the truth when Baby Bird presses the button on the machine and makes Pocoyo visible again. In the end, they all become invisible and play together.
30 NOISE TO MY EARS (NOISE TO MY EARS) Pocoyo, Elly, and Baby Bird are having a great time making noise. But what they consider music is a rumble for poor Pato, who tries to nap. Pocoyo, Elly, and Baby Bird agree to be a little more careful. But then they discover a new way to make music: throwing balls. The music awakens the sleepy Duck again. In the end, Pocoyo and his friends start making noise with different machines that emit different sounds. Duck loses patience. Pocoyo tries to sing a lullaby to calm Pato, but it does not help. Pato realizes that there is only one way to solve this, he is going to be his orchestra conductor. While he is doing it, he starts to like it and the music gives him a lot of energy. They are no longer sleepy and they are playing harmonious and beautiful music.
31 BABY BIRD SITTING (CARING FOR BABY BIRD) When Pajarito has to leave, he needs someone to take care of the little Baby Bird. Pato volunteers because he thinks it will be much easier than picking up all the mess he has been playing with Pocoyo. Baby Bird and his friend Caterpillar do not cease to cause Pato, who asks Pocoyo for help. Pocoyo thinks he can take charge of the situation, but the little demons drive him crazy. In the end, Pato and Pocoyo get the little ones to listen to them. When Pajaroto returns, Baby Bird and Caterpillar are asleep.
32 EVERYONE’S PRESENT (THE GIFT OF ALL) Hala … Gifts! One for Pocoyo, one for Elly and one for Pato! How exiting. Pocoyo receives a rope, Paper Duck, and Elly sticks. They have fun for a while, each one wants to convince others that their toy is the best. In the end, they end up bored with their respective gifts. After all, you can not do many things. Tired, our friends throw the toys to the ground. That’s when they realize the potential of their toys: they can combine them. They put them together and make a kite. Good, now you can play all together.
33 MAGIC ACT (FUNCTION OF MAGIC) Pocoyo is doing a magic function. He expects everyone to pay close attention and take it seriously, but unfortunately, the tricks do not work out as expected and his friends laugh. They are having a great time. They think that Pocoyo is a very funny magician. However, that’s not what Pocoyo wants to be, he wants to be taken seriously, so he leaves sulking. Duck, Elly, and Baby Bird decide to go to Pocoyolandia to tell everyone how fun Pocoyo is and how well they have fun with their tricks. While Pocoyo is still angry, his friends gather around him, eager to see his tricks. Pocoyo is overwhelmed. His friends liked the representation very much. He does a few tricks and his friends are delighted.
34 PICNIC PUZZLE (THE PICNIC MYSTERY) Pocoyo and Elly have organized a picnic and let Pato watch the sandwiches while they prepare the rest of the things. The sandwiches begin to move without explanation. Pato does not believe his eyes. When Pocoyo and Elly return, they get angry with Pato. They think he has eaten the sandwiches. They give him a new opportunity and leave him watching the cake. Again, the pie begins to run as if it had a life of its own. Pato receives another reprimand from Elly and Pocoyo until they see with their own eyes what is happening. Pocoyo investigates. Discover what is causing the food to move: ANTS! Once they have discovered what is happening, our friends invite the ants to the picnic and everyone has a great time together.
35 DANCE OFF! (TO DANCE!) Pocoyo and Pato meet a nightclub and Elly are the DJ. Pato enters dancing on the track, Elly believes that Pato is very good. But Pocoyo is not at all impressed. It shows them how to dance. He is doing great, but Pato thinks he can do even better. Improvise a dance with a very funky style. The situation gets out of control when Pocoyo starts dancing to electronic music and Pato starts dancing breakdance, so Elly changes the album. He enters the dance floor and gives a lesson to his rivals – with a style very similar to that of Britney Spears. In the end, instead of competing, they have a great time dancing. It’s much more fun!
36 PATO’S EGG (DUCK EGG) Duck finds an egg and immediately falls in love with it: he wants to take care of the baby inside. When the baby leaves the shell, Pato is scared to death: it is not a duckling, but a very rare spider. His friends are afraid of that creature and do not want to play with Duck when he brings her. Very clever duck and very bad grape, try to make the spider leave and leave him alone to play with Pocoyo and Elly. In the end, the little spider becomes loving when she shows them that there is no need to be afraid, that she only wants to be her friend.
37 POCOYO’S PUPPET SHOW (THE MARIONETTE FUNCTION) Pocoyo finds a theater and some puppets. Cool! He is going to become a puppeteer. Prepare a function for Caterpillar and Baby Bird. They love. Especially when puppets do fun things, like falling for example. They bring Elly and Pato to see the show. When Pocoyo laughs at Elly and Duck with the puppets, they are offended. Laughing at people is not good at all. Pocoyo realizes that he has disliked his friends. He asks for forgiveness, he explains that he did not want to hurt them and … they make peace!
38 GET LOST LOULA (PIÉRDETE, LOULA) Let’s play hide-and-seek! Pocoyo is very good at searching, but only thanks to Loula. When Loula receives all the praises for being an excellent Seeker, Pocoyo becomes jealous. He throws a ball too far for Loula to go for it. His friends think that it has not been all right so Pocoyo feels bad and decides to go find Loula. They follow their tracks, but they have gone far and can not find it. In the end, they despair on an island at sea: they think it’s gone forever. We can see that Loula is perfect. Everything is arranged and Pocoyo can celebrate that he is also a great seeker after all.
39 SNEAKY SHOES Pato, Pocoyo, and Elly are having a great time running and jumping competitions. However, Pato is taking everything too seriously. So when he loses, he gets very angry. He is a bad loser. He leaves sulking and you find some very cool shoes. He tries them and discovers that they are not normal shoes: they have a life of their own, superpowers. Once he has caught the trick, he challenges Pocoyo and Elly to a rematch. Now he always wins in all competitions. However, Elly suspects something and does not want to play anymore. When Duck tries to take off his shoes he realizes he can not. You can not take them off and they’re going crazy over you. Hopefully, Caterpillar and Baby Bird save him by helping him take them off. Pato has learned a lesson: cheating does not lead anywhere.
40 PHOTOGRAPHER DUCK Pocoyo, Elly, and Pajarito are fed up with the innumerable pictures of Pato’s flowers so they encourage him to take pictures of them instead of the flowers. But every time Pato takes a picture, someone moves. Duck is exasperated because he wants perfect portraits but there is always something that is not right. Duck gives up. His friends organize an exhibition with their photos to show him that his photos may not be exactly what he had in mind, but they are really fantastic because they capture how friends have fun when they are together.
41 THE MALHUMORATED MARTIAN An angry Martian discovers the road to the world of Pocoyo and announces that he wants to be the king. Pocoyo, Elly, and Valentina are nice to him but the Martian gives them orders all the time and tries to scare them. When the Martian tells Pato what he has to do, Pato seems to be very helpful. This is the opposite of what the Martian expected. Finally, the Martian disappointed because he is not getting the reaction he wanted, he cries and cries. Pocoyo and his friends worry and are kind to him. The Martian realizes that he can be nice, and if he was not always angry, he could have a great time.
42 UNDER THE SEA Duck makes his suitcase by filling it with toys and goes to the bottom of the sea to play with Octopus and Whale. Unfortunately, none of her toys works underwater, and she does not like food so she is about to go home. But then Ballena teaches Pato how fun things can be underwater once you get used to it. Pato has a great time riding on the back of Ballena, bouncing on sea sponges and playing inside a bubble. Finally, Pocoyo and Elly arrive too and altogether have a party under the sea.
43 THE GREAT EXHIBITION Everyone prepares for a painting exhibition. All except Duck who says he is not interested in that. When the exhibition opens its doors, Pato unexpectedly exhibits his paintings: they are amazing works of art (in fact they are real works of art, he did not paint them!). Everyone is impressed and they ask him to paint another painting. But he can not because he had, in fact, deceived them: He had not painted those paintings. Pocoyo and the audience encourage Pato to try to paint something. He manages to paint a beautiful flower and he feels very satisfied with himself. And his painting makes a hole in the exhibition.
44 THE MONSTER’S MYSTERY Pocoyo makes a monster mask with a box. Failing to scare Elly and Pato, he gets frustrated and kicks the box. The box falls on Pajaroto who can not get rid of it. Pajaroto is flying near Pocoyo to ask for help but both he and his friends are terrified. Persecution begins. Finally, Pajarito solves it. The monster was Pajaroto. At the end, all the friends together make a party of monster masks.
45 POCZILLA Pocoyo and Pato play at being terrible giant monsters, the kind of monsters they have seen in their comics. They find a toy city and pretend they are Godzilla and King Kong. They do not realize that the small toys that live in the city are scared and flee in terror while Pocoyo and Pato destroy it. The spectators tell Pocoyo and Pato to stop. When Pocoyo and Pato realize what is happening, they repair all the damage they have caused and make a fair for the toys.
46 ELLY ON ICE Pocoyo and Pato are having fun skating on ice. Elly is a great dancer and also wants to try, but every time she tries she falls on her ass. Even Ballena and Fred do a great duo skating number. Poor Elly is about to throw in the towel. But we encourage her to try again, and Pocoyo and Pato help her get started. Gradually he gets the hang of it and increases his confidence until he manages to make an incredible choreography and get the highest score of the day.
47 GOODBYE, FRIENDS! The duck leaves: he has packed his bags, he has said goodbye to his room and his things. He has smelled his favorite flower for the last time and said goodbye to Valentina, the Martian, Pajarito, and Pajaroto. And there is the plane where he is going …! One last chance to say goodbye. Goodbye Duck! Everyone says goodbye. Pato gets on the plane. It’s so sad !!! The plane describes a very fast circle and Pato is already back at home. Bravo! It’s time to throw a welcome party – and it’s another player’s turn to play
48 DOUBLE GAME Pocoyo wants to play ball but Pato is stubborn: he wants to play on the seesaw. Elly appears, so Pocoyo goes to play ball with her. Duck is left alone. And the rocker is not fun if you’re alone. But you have an idea. Take a machine and copy itself, become a clone. The clone likes to play for a while but when both want to play with the same stroller they end up fighting. So Pato makes another Pato. Every time he makes a new Duck, something goes wrong, because all the Ducks want the same and are just as stubborn. Finally, one of Pato’s clones himself and soon there are lots of Patos sweeping everything. Pocoyo and Elly to the rescue! They turn off the machine and all copies of Duck disappear. In the end, Pato ends up playing ball.
49 A HORSE FOR POCOYO Pocoyo is flipping through a photo book when he sees something he has never seen before: a horse! He is amazed and obsessed. He desperately wants a horse. Search everywhere and can not talk about anything other than horses. His friends want to make him a horse but Pocoyo rejects his attempt. Elly and Pato were just trying to help and now they are totally exasperated. Pocoyo is going crazy – and driving them crazy – talking only about horses all the time. Elly starts crying in despair. Pocoyo realizes that he has been driving them crazy and that they only intended to help. He understands that there are no real horses in the world of Pocoyo and that he will have to do without them. Play with the fake horse that Elly and Pato have made and have a great time.
50 ELLY’S COOKIES Elly invites her friends to tea but they do not want to go because they know how bossy Elly becomes in her snacks. Snacks are not fun because Elly is always giving them orders and imposing rules. But when Pocoyo and Pato smell Elly’s great cookies, they realize what they’re missing and change their minds. Now they want to go to the snack. However, before they can attack the cookies, Elly starts ordering things for them. Pocoyo and Pato despair and leave Elly alone. Elly realizes that her friends are sad and that a snack without friends is not funny. So stop being bossy and everyone together feast.
51 HIDDEN TALENTS It is the day of the talent exhibition. First Elly does a Ballet-Karate. Then it’s Pajarito’s turn: He’s a crazy pinball genius. Valentina Nervous says that she will try it later. Whale sings from the bottom of the sea. Pato makes some incredible imitations. Pocoyo reads a story he has written. It’s Valentina’s turn but she’s scared. He does not want to make his number. She is shy. We convince her to show us her talent. Give a talk about hippopotamus. Once it starts, there is no stopping it. It is wonderful. What an unforgettable display of unique talents. Everyone can do something special.
52 UPSIDE DOWN TERRY (AL RÉVES TERÍ) Pocoyo wants to show his friends a movie of his favorite memories. His friends are bored and even a little annoyed when they realize that they do not come out in the movie. So Pocoyo teaches them some more of their favorite memories, and this time Elly, Pato, and the others come out in them, all in embarrassing and ridiculous situations. A Pocoyo seems very funny but of course, his friends are hurt. So Elly shows her favorite fragments: they all show her beautiful, graceful and strong. Pato does not like those fragments so he puts his own. Again, the others get bored and annoyed. They start arguing about who should show their clips until Pajarito brings a selection of pieces from Terí in which they can see all of them having fun together.

Tuning and broadcast 

Pocoyo is primarily aimed at children between 1 and 4 years old, with a secondary group of up to 5 or 6 years, in addition to parents and educators. But the truth is that the audience of the series is exceeding the age level of the target audience for which the series is conceived, even reaching out to housewives. There are examples of the American channel Cartoon Network, Pocoyo has reached between housewives with children a share of 12% on average, as well as in Australia reached reach an audience share of 60%. 
The premiere of Pocoyo took place in the United States, on Cartoon Network, on April 7, 2006. Cartoon Network “Friday” Block was the channel that commissioned the series from the beginning, renewing its bet for the second season of Pocoyo. The premiere of Pocoyo in Spain took place on September 3, 2007, in La 2 of TVE, for just a month after it was also broadcast digitally through Boomerang. It began broadcasting on ITV on Tuesdays and Thursdays, reaching an audience share of 13% among children of 4 and 15 years, and then broadcast every day of the week. On the other hand, the premiere in Latin America took placeon Februaryy 3, 2008.
It is currently being broadcast in the United States (Cartoon Network), Australia ( ABC ), New Zealand ( TVNZ ), Canada ( Treehouse TV ), Japan ( Wowow ), Germany ( Kika ), Latin America ( Discovery Kids ), Costa Rica (Canal 7), South Africa ( MNET ), Greece ( Alter Chanel ), Asia ( Disney Pan ), Italy ( Rai Sat ),Portugal ( RTP ), Cuba ( Multivision ), FETV Channel 5 ( Panama ) and Spain Clan (RTVE).

Technical details edit ]

All the production takes place in Zinkia’s offices in Madrid , except for the script part that has been done with American scriptwriters. The first episode was completed in January 2005. The series consists of 104 episodes, divided into two seasons of 52 episodes of 7 minutes each. Both seasons are finalized in terms of production.
Pocoyo has been sold in more than 100 countries. The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Korea, India, Greece, Israel, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Japan, Spain and throughout Latin America stand out.
Zinkia owns distribution rights for Pocoyo’s first season in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Latin America. For the second season of Pocoyo, China is included within the territories belonging to Zinkia. Granada International distributes the series in the rest of the world.
Softimage is the software used in the animation of the series, thanks to which an amazing 3D style has been developed , which together with the global lighting system have achieved characters with an attractive smooth texture.

Licensing, merchandising and multimedia 

Currently, Pocoyo has as main licensing partners Bandai (in Europe, Korea and Canada), Big Picture (DVD Home Entertainment) and Planeta Timun-Mas among others. Zinkia has reserved all rights belonging to copyright .
Bandai (Master Toy since November 2004) worked together with Zinkia from the start of production, which allowed during the script phase, include comments to enhance the license of toys. In Spain, since the Pocoyo toys were put on sale during Christmas 2006, Pocoyo registered three stock breaks in just 6 months.
Big Picture released the DVD of Pocoyo on April 24, 2007, becoming in less than a month the best-selling DVD in Spain. It is planned to release 120,000 DVDs (acquiring a Pocoyo DVD has also become an act of solidarity, since by purchasing a Pocoyo DVD you are collaborating with the Theodora Foundation, the Hospital Clown Organization).
As for the publishing rights of the series, Zinkia has an agreement for its exploitation with Planeta Timun-Mas , who will manage the license in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Latin America and that comes to complement the agreement with the British publisher Random House , which has these same rights for the rest of the world. In Spain, 40,000 copies have been sold in 4 months and it is planned to print 228,000 Pocoyo books, with a total of 10 different references.

Derivative series 

Pocoyo World 

Mundo Pocoyo is a series derived from the series with a unique season of 14 episodes in which Pocoyo, Pato and Elly watch different videos recorded by the narrator on Elly’s computer, the main cast are composed of Pocoyo, Elly, Pato, Loula , Pajaroto, Pajarito, Valentina, Octopus and the son Alien the options of the videos are:

  • Red square: Pocoyo Chapter
  • Yellow square: Videoclip starring the cast.
  • Blue square: Super Pocoyo lesson
  • Purple square: Episode of Let’s Go Pocoyo.

Let’s Go Pocoyo! 

Let’s Go Pocoyo! is a new sequel to the series with a single season but with more learning for children and only issued in English, created in 2010 and in this one Pulpo, Valentina and Pajarito join the main cast. “Let’s Go Pocoyo” is a new animation series for children from 3 to 6 years old with a special twist: to be a first approach to a second language through the learning of a basic and simple vocabulary. A fun way to learn, following the fun adventures of Pocoyo and his inseparable friends.
The episodes have a simple central story in which Pocoyo and his friends live their adventure always learning something at the end. Values such as friendship, respect or companionship. The curiosity of Pocoyo, the grace of Pato and the maturity of Elly will always be present. The children will accompany our protagonists learning new words at the same time.
To reinforce the educational part, in addition to the story, in the episodes there are sections in which emphasis is placed on words that have appeared in the story or in things such as colors , numbers , animals or shapes . These departments are interspersed with history in a dynamic and fun way.
To finish the episodes, a music clip will serve as a review of the most important words that have appeared in it. Songs that will suppose a musical trip since many different styles will be represented. From rock to opera , through genres such as country , electronic music or funk .

Episode list
  • 1: d (Pocoyo Band)
  • 2: Picnic (Picnic)
  • 3: Pato’s Shower (Duck’s shower)
  • 4: The Garden (O jardim)
  • 5: Postman Duck (Duck the postman)
  • 6: Colors (Colors)
  • 7: Get Ready, Steady, Go! (Ready, Set, Go!)
  • 8: Let’s Go Camping
  • 9: Space Adventure
  • 10: Pato’s Trip (Traveling with Duck)
  • 11: It’s Time to Play
  • 12: Tennis Everyone (Tennis for all)
  • 13: Hide and Seek (Playing Hide and Seek)
  • 14: Party Time (The birthday party)
  • 15: Wheels (On wheels)
  • 16: Wake Up, Pocoyo! (Wake up Pocoyo!)
  • 17: The Amaizing Tower (The big tower)
  • 18: A Hole in One
  • 19: Bathing Loula (Bathing Loula)
  • 20: Elly’s Bath (Elly’s bathroom)
  • 21: Cooking With Elly (Cooking with Elly)
  • 22: Magic Fingers (Pocoyo magician)
  • 23: Pato’s Bedtime (Time to go to sleep)
  • TBA: Let’s Go To Beach (Let’s go to the beach)

Pocoyo and the space circus 

Pocoyo and the space circus is the film of the series and in the accreditation, the cast is starred by Pocoyo, Elly, Pato, Pajaroto, Valentina, Pajarito, Octopus and Epacial Caterpillar (new character).
In Pocoyo and the space circus , the funny world of Pocoyo is interrupted by the sudden arrival of friendly aliens. Pocoyo will soon discover that these new friends, the Martian Brothers, are circus artists. Pocoyo and his gang will enjoy their first day at the circus, but everyone should get down to work to help the Martian Brothers and make sure the show goes ahead.


Pocoyo has received numerous awards, including the Best Television Series Award at the 2007 Annecy Festival and the 2007 BAFTA Award for the best Preschool Animation Series.
He has also won the Best Television Series Award in recent editions  of the Animation Festivals of Madrid, Animadrid 2007 and Córdoba, Animacor 2007, and the Pulcinella 2006, prize received at the Cartoons on the Bay Festival (Italy), as Best Preschool Series, Best European Program, besides being voted as the Most Popular Series for Children through the RAI website.
As regards the El Chupete Festival , he received the Best Child Character Award in 2007 and another Best Music / Jingle Award during the 2008 edition. Pocoyo has won the Best Production Animation Series Award in the 2008 Zapping Awards , and the 2008 Heart Award for Best Nickelodeon Animation Series at the San Diego Latino Film Festival .
It was also the Special Jury Prize in the Television category, during the fourth edition of CICDAF2007 (International Festival of Animation and Digital Arts of China). Special Animation Award at the Italian Sea & TV Festival 2007. 3D Prize at the Spanish Festival Movistar Art Futura 2007 and the FICOD Innovative Project Award2007 (International Forum of Digital Contents). Second consecutive Pocoyo nomination at the 2007 BAFTA Awards (never before, a series of children’s animation had been nominated twice in a row in this category). The series also won for the second consecutive year the 2008 Zapping Award for Best Own Production Animation Series. In the USA, the series obtained in 2008 the Gold Medal in the DVD category awarded by the Parents’ ChoiceFoundation . Also in 2008, he won the Best License of the Year Award and Best Entertainment or Character License, both granted by the magazine Licencias Actualidad. It is also worth mentioning the Gold in the category of Best Promotion of Children’s Animation in Singapore awarded by the Promax BDA organization, thanks to the promo made by Disney Playhouse Asia .
At the beginning of 2009, Pocoyo’s short film ( Pocoyo and the Space Circus ) was awarded the Silver Award for Best Foreign Animation Series at the Shanghai Television Festival.
Gamelab 2009 awarded the videogame for console (Nintendo DS), Hello, Pocoyo! as Best PC Game / Online / Console and Campus Party recognized Hello, Pocoyo! as Best Portable Game.
2009 FICOD Award obtained by the virtual world, Pocoyo World , as an innovative digital content business model.
Award for the Best Children’s Program 2009 by the Association of Viewers of Andalusia (ATEA).
Venice Film Festival 2010: Kineo – Diamanti Award for Italian Cinema 2010 (The Kineo Awards are chosen among the film and audiovisual productions that have achieved the most success during the last year).
In addition, in 2018, its 4th season was nominated for the first edition of the Quirino Awards for Animation of Iberoamericana.

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