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Schambach Biography

R. Schambach whose birth is Robert.William. Schambach was born on April 3, 1926, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. R. Schambach was an American televangelist, pastor, author, and Word Of The Faith minister of the Word.

His Father’s name was Harry Elsworth while his mother was Ann Moyer Schambach. He was a born-again Christian.

R. Schambach Funeral

R. Schambach’s memorial service was held on Friday, 3rd February 2012. It was held at rose heights church in Tyler at 7:00 PM. R. Schambach passed away on January 17, 2012. He died in Tyler at Mother Frances Hospital.

Rev Schambach Books

  • Miracles II Greater Miracles
  • Power Struggle
  • You Can’t Beat God Givin’ Miracle Testimonies From Ordinary People Serving an Extraordinary God
  • Miracles Eyewitness to the Miraculous
R. Schambach
R. Schambach
  • Demon Possession Today and How to Be Free
  • The Price of God’s Miracle-working Power
  • I Shall Not Want: Unlocking the Power of the 23rd Psalm
  • When You Wonder Why
  • The Miracle Manual
  • You’re One in a Million
  •  New Beginnings Can Anyone Really Start Over
  • God’s Guarantee to Heal You
  • The Violent Take It By Force

R. Schambach Ministries

R. Schambach felt the feeling that God was calling him to start his ministry. He founded four tent churches in four large cities and began his own popular radio program under the name The Voice of Power. His trademark phrase was “You don’t have any trouble. All you need is God”
Schambach ministry started being received in; Russia, India, Asia, the Philippines, Africa, the West Indies, Central America, and South America.

R. Schambach Sermons

One of R. Schambach’s sermons was about what is a man of God?. He stated that a man of God must;
Be sent from God
Be filled with the holy spirit
Not be a self-seeking opportunist
Be fearless
Have a burning and shining light
Promote the kingdom of God
Preach the gospel at all costs

Rw Schambach Video


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