Rob Masson

FOX 8 reporter Rob Masson began his broadcasting career while in college as News Director at WLSU. This Louisiana State University grad has been covering news in New Orleans since the mid-eighties, and has been with FOX 8 since 1994.

From Pope John Paul II’s visit to presidential inaugurations to the trial of former Governor Edwin Edwards, Rob has had a front row seat to history. He has covered everything from detainees at Guantanamo Bay to investigations into church scams — and yes, dozens of hurricanes and tropical storms in between.

“I continue to be blown away by the drama of life in what can and should be one of the greatest cities in America, my hometown, New Orleans,” says Rob.

As a reporter, Rob believes the media has a big role to play in the continued recovery of the city. Rob has won the Louisiana Associated Press “Reporter of the Year” award twice, including in 2005, the year Katrina struck. He has also won a Regional Murrow Award for Hurricane Isaac team coverage, and has been recognized by both the New Orleans Press Club and AP for breaking news stories, deadline news and features, including “Story of the Year.”

When he’s not working, Rob enjoys rooting for the Saints, the LSU Tigers, playing tennis, and sailing.

Follow Rob on Twitter:¬†ūüď∑¬†@robmassonfox8

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