Robert Metcalfe Biography, Age, Ethernet, Net Worth

Robert Metcalfe Biography

Robert Metcalfe (Robert (Bob) Melancton Metcalfe) is an American engineer-entrepreneur, who helped pioneer the Internet starting in 1970, co-invented Ethernet, co-founded 3Com and formulated Metcalfe’s law.
Robert has been a Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at The University of Texas at Austin since January 2011
and is also the Murchison Fellow of Free Enterprise.
He has received various awards which include the IEEE Medal of Honor and National Medal of Technology and Innovation for his work developing Ethernet technology.

Robert Metcalfe Age

Robert is 72 years old as of 2018. He was born on April 7, 1946.

Robert Metcalfe Ethernet

Robert invented Ethernet along David Boggs in 1973, while still working at PARC. Ethernet was initially a standard for connecting computers over short distances. May 22, 1973, is the day Robert identifies as the day Ethernet was born. That was the day he circulated a memo titled “Alto Ethernet” which contained a rough schematic of how it would work.

Robert Metcalfe Photo
Robert Metcalfe Photo

“That is the first time Ethernet appears as a word, as does the idea of using coax as ether, where the participating stations, like in AlohaNet or ARPAnet, would inject their packets of data, they’d travel around at megabits per second, there would be collisions, and retransmissions, and back-off, Robert had explained. David Boggs on the other hand, identifies another date as the birth of Ethernet: November 11, 1973, the first day the system actually functioned.

Robert Metcalfe Net Worth

Robert has a net worth of $300 million.

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