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Robert Wolf Biography

Robert Wolf is an American writer, journalist, and entrepreneur. His non-fiction writing focuses on everyday life, frequently that of farmers and other rural Americans.

His writing work is the result of more than two decades of thinking and writing about regional decentralization. The kernel for Building the Agricultural City was expressed in a six-part radio editorial I wrote for Iowa Public Radio.

In 1994 this won the Sigma Delta Chi Award and Bronze Medal, both from the Society of Professional Journalists, for Best Radio Editorial.

Robert Wolf Age

Robert Wolf is an American writer, journalist, and entrepreneur. His non-fiction writing focuses on everyday life, frequently that of farmers and other rural Americans. He was born on May 12. 1944. Wolf was is 75 years old as of 2019.

Robert Wolf Family

Information about his family is not posted. We are going to update the information very soon. We are carrying on thorough research to make sure we provide you with full information regarding Robert parents and siblings.

Robert Wolf Wife

Wolf is engaged to his wife Bonnie Koloc(singer and artist). The couple moved to Nashville, where Wolf organized a writing workshop for the homeless.

He spent his formative years wandering the United States, searching for the “American Soul.” As an adolescent, his goal was to “work every job in the country, live in every town and city and have conversations with everyone.

“During the 1960s and 70s, Wolf hitchhiked and rode freight trains across the country, while seeking out iconic American types.

Poets and  Writers wrote, “he was a ranch hand in New Mexico, a journalist in Chicago, a teacher in an inner-city Brooklyn school and at a penitentiary, as well as a doctoral candidate in philosophy, a dabbler in art, a hitchhiker and hobo.”

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Robert Wolf Net Worth

He is a past recipient of the Bronze Medal for radio commentary and the Sigma Delta Chi Award, both from the Society of Professional Journalists. Wolf Robert ha san estimated net worth of $11million dollars as of 2019.

Robert Wolf Career

By 1987, having settled in Chicago, he wrote a weekly column and features for the Chicago Tribune. In 1988 In 1990, Wolf, along with Steven Meinbresse, established Free River Press, a 501(c) nonprofit. Initially intended as a publishing vehicle for the homeless, Wolf expanded the press’s mission to “create a collective autobiography of America.

When he and Koloc moved to rural Iowa, he started running writing workshops for neighboring farmers. The workshop resulted in three books published by Free River Press. Since then he has conducted workshops not only throughout the Midwest, but in the Mississippi Delta, the Southwest, and in New York and Chicago.

In 1999, Oxford University Press published An American Mosaic: Prose and Poetry by Everyday Folk, selected from the first nine years of Free River Press writings.

His early Iowa experiences led Wolf to begin writing about the ongoing farm and rural crisis and to begin, in 1994, writing about the need for rural America to developing self-reliant, decentralized regional economies.

Free River Press publications have performed on CBS News Sunday as well as NPR’s All Things Considered and Morning Edition. Since 2010 Wolf has produced a weekly radio program for Free River Press, American Mosaic, airing on community stations in a dozen states.

Robert Wolf on conservatism hindering community improvement

Author Robert Wolf discusses his book, Building the Agricultural City, which addresses the hindrance of improvements across countless communities. Robert expresses his hope for cultures that involve independently growing food, and efforts for self-sufficiency to become a little more dependent on progressive powers.

Robert Wolf Books

  • Where Does Infinity Lead?
  • Abiding in Nondual Awareness
  • Audiobook Edition of One Essence
  • Elementary Cloud watching: 31 Meditations on Living without Time
  • The Heart of Living: The Heart Sutra
  • Always – Only – One: A Dialogue with the Essence of Nondual India
  • Science of the Sages: Scientists Encountering Nonduality from Quantum Physics to Cosmology to Consciousness
  • The Gospel of Thomas: The Enlightenment Teachings of Jesus

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