Ronny J Biography, Drum Kit, Net Worth, Omgronny, Eminem, Costa Rica

Ronny J Biography

Ronny J whose birth name is Ronald Oneil Spence Jr was born in 1992 in New Jersey. He grew up having more interest in art and architecture than music. After he relocated to Miami for college he started experimenting with music production and beat-making.

Ronny J Drum Kit

He uses his drums to make his hits. He created this kit using various kits and sounds used in his productions.

The kit includes drums of RONNYJ 3xosc 808, RONNYJ 808 bighead, RONNYJ 808 idk u, RONNYJ 808 zaytoven, RONNYJ chain 3xosc808, RONNYJ clap, RONNYJ clap smokemydope, RONNYJ hithat 01, RONNYJ hihat 02 idk u, RONNYJ hithat 03, RONNYJ kick 01, RONNYJ kick 02 molly, RONNYJ perc rim01, RONNYJ snare 02, and RONNYJ snare 03.

Ronny J Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of between $1 million and $5 million.

Ronny J
Ronny J

Ronny J Omgronny

His debut collection consists of major labels, showcases new collaboration, as well as the producer’s first forays into rapping.

The album features guests like Denzel Cury, Smokepurpp, XXXTentacion, Wifisfuneral, Nell, Daddy Towers, Fat Nick, and Ski the Slump Lord.

The album consists of songs like Banded Up, One Time, Houston, Glacier, Costa Rica, Fiji Island, Snakes, OHSHI, Trauma, 824, and Thriller.

Ronny J Eminem

Ronny has produced some of Eminem’s tracks. He produced songs like Not Alike and The Ringer for Eminem.

Ronny J Costa Rica

Ronny was the artist of this song. He featured Ski Mask in this song.

Ronny’s vocals are heavily auto-tuned to keep up with his style of warping natural sounds and offer a breath of fresh air, production-wise.

Ronny J Listen Up

He is set to start his own production label in Atlantic called Listen Up Forever. Moreover, he promises that news about his inaugural artist who is yet to announce soon.

Ronny J Rap Devil

He is the producer of the song, rap devil, which is a diss track by American rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

Ronny J 808

His 808 Kit consists of 17 808 drums used in his best records. It consists of 808 RonnyJ (with kick), 808 RonnyJ, Acolyte_-_808_VIP_1, Acolyte_-_808_VIP_16, Acolyte_-_808_VIP_31, Acolyte_-_808_VIP_41, Acolyte_-_808_VIP_46, Audi 808, D Rose 808, Death 808, Molly 808, RMZ_808_stereo_boi_C, RMZ_808_wonky_C, Sippinteainyohood 808, Take a step back 808, ZAY_808_02_D#, ZAY_808_06_E.

Ronny J Tag

He produced the tag beat. It is a ratchet-sounding phrase at the start of songs by Lil pump,xxxtentaction, bhad bhabie, and smokepurpp.

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