Ross Shimabuku

Ross Shimabuku loves sports. He began his broadcasting career as a sports anchor for KGMB.

“I figured if I wasn’t going to play professional sports, the next best thing would be to cover it. It never felt like work, because covering sports was a passion,” he says.

That passion led Ross to Phoenix, San Diego, and New York City. He’s covered four Super Bowls and college basketball’s Final Four.

One of the highlights of his career was covering the 2001 World Series. “It was after the 9/11 attacks, and the Arizona Diamondbacks ended up beating the New York Yankees. That was such an iconic moment,” he says.

A change in priorities prompted Ross to return home. “I wanted to be closer to my family, especially my parents,” he says.

As co-anchor of Wake Up 2day, he’s excited to share stories and reconnect with the community that he grew up in. “I feel very blessed and grateful for this wonderful opportunity!”

Fun fact: The Kalani High School graduate earned a degree in accounting from Arizona State University before he decided to switch careers. “My CPA license in currently gathering dust at my parents’ house,” he admits.

When he’s not in the newsroom, Ross likes to Crossfit, hike, hang out at the beach with family and friends, and spend time with his dog, Koge the Corgi.

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