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Ryan Tedder, Biography, Wife, Career, One Republic, Networth, Twitter

Ryan Tedder is an American singer, songwriter and record producer and also the lead singer of a band called One Republic.

Ryan Tedder Biography

Ryan Tedder is an American singer, songwriter and record producer and also the lead singer of a band called One Republic. He has an independent career for writing songs for various artists such as Adele Beyonce, Camila Cabello, Charli Puth, Demi Lovato. His production has been proved to be successful when looking at Apologize performed by his band and Bleeding Love performed by Leona Lewis and Halo performed by Beyonce. He was born on 26th June 1979 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Ryan Tedder Age

He was born on June 26th, 1979 ( 39 years as 2018)

Ryan Tedder Wife/ Kids

He is married to Genevieve Tedder whom she married in 2004. The two have two sons Copeland Cruz and Miles.

Ryan Tedder Early Life

Ryan worked as a waiter and a shop assistant at Pottery Barn before he got an internship at Dreamworks SKG in Nashville where he sang demos to enter into the music scene. He produced demos for artists and Dreamworks offered him a deal. At twenty-one, he participated at singer-songwriter competition where he was selected by N Sync singer Lance Bass as one of the finalists and had to perform a one hour special on MTV and had to perform an original in front of all the viewers. Ryan performed one of his songs The Look which won the competition.

Ryan Tedder Career

After one year Ryan caught the attention of hip hop producer Timbaland and stayed with him for two years to develop as an artist while producing for others at the same time. June 2007 he signed a worldwide publishing deal with administration deal with Kobalt Music Publishing. He wrote the worldwide hit Apologize performed by his band One Republic. It broke the US Top 40 Radio Airplay Record. It held no.1 until Leona Lewis Bleeding played it was a song written by Ryan. It was the best selling single in the UK chart for seven weeks. In 2009 Ryan started his own record company Patriot Records. He then formed his own publishing company Patriot Gamers Publishing. He desired to have a collaboration with Adele after they met in 2009 Grammy Awards when finally they did he was quite impressed her. She led to him winning a Grammy in 2012. He served as a judge for the 10th and 11th Independent Music Awards to support independent artists. He was a mentor at The Voice. He co-wrote and co-produced XO with Beyonce. He also wrote and produced Ghost sang by Ella Henderson.

Tedder has written and produced singles with artists such as Demi Lovato, Adele, Birdy, Alsou, Jennifer Lopez, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Leona Lewis, Jennifer Hudson, Alexandra Burke, the Backstreet Boys, Beyoncé Knowles, Monrose, David Cook, Big Time Rush, Jordin Sparks, A. J. McLean, Chris Cornell, Ashley Tisdale, Ludacris, Gavin DeGraw, James Blunt, James Morrison, Paula DeAnda, Hilary Duff, Timbaland, Bubba Sparxxx, Dima Bilan, Shayne Ward, Lemar, Esmée Denters, Clay Aiken, t.A.T.u., Menudo, Ashanti, Natasha Bedingfield, Whitney Houston, Westlife, Charice, Varsity Fanclub, Sugababes, Daughtry, Mario, Tamar Kaprelian, Tiësto and a number of songs with various rock acts in the US and abroad.

Tedder’s work with Beyoncé also earned him two Grammy nominations with Record of the Year for “Halo” and Album of the Year for I Am…Sasha Fierce at the 2010 Grammy Awards. He worked extensively on  Leona Lewis’s second album, Echo, writing and producing many songs with her, three of which have made the album, including the first single “Happy”, “You Don’t Care” which features vocals from Tedder and “Lost Then Found”, which features OneRepublic.

Tedder co-wrote and produced Jordin Sparks’ lead single “Battlefield” from her second album of the same name. Tedder worked on American Idol season 8 runner up, Adam Lambert’s debut album, For Your Entertainment.

Tedder composed a song for Vanness Wu, “Is this All” in Taiwan. Tedder also worked with the band Big Time Rush in writing the single, “Music Sounds Better with U” off their second studio album, Elevate, and he proceeded to produce it.

Tedder served as a judge for the 10th and 11th annual Independent Music Awards to support independent artists’ careers. 2013 her was a celebrity mentor during the second season of The Voice (Australia) for Delta Goodrem’s team. He then worked with Goodrem on “Heart Hypnotic”.Tedder was also an advisor of Adam Levine (frontman of Maroon 5), for his team from the fifth season of the reality competition show The Voice(U.S.).

He wrote and produced the UK number 1 hit “Ghost” by Ella Henderson, released on June 8, 2014. He later collaborated on writing and producing with many artists such as Maroon 5 for their album V and Taylor Swift for her album 1989. He has also produced and wrote a song for Ariana Grande’s album My Everything.

2016, Tedder featured on Cassius’s song “The Missing” from their album Ibifornia. He has also teased future collaborations with both The Chainsmokers and Echosmith via social media. Tedder produced Happier for Ed Sheeran on his third album in 2017

2017 he began work with rising solo artist Camila Cabello for her upcoming album The Hurting, The Healing, The Loving which was cited to debut in September 2017. Cabello had just begun to embark on her solo journey at the top of the year when Tedder came into the picture.

Apart from producing he is the lead singer for the band One Republic which is based in Los Angeles. The band gained recognition when their song Apologize. Ryan is multi-instrumental as in the band he switches from playing the guitar to the piano and the bass guitar.

Ryan Tedder One Republic

Tedder sings lead vocals and plays guitar and piano for the band, OneRepublic. The five-member band consisting of Tedder, Zach Filkins, Eddie Fisher, Drew Brown, and Brent Kutzle was formed in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in 2002 by Tedder and his high school classmate Zach Filkins.

He revealed that the band was formed at a “crossroads” in his life: “I was offered two publishing deals within two months of being in Nashville…I could have just written songs and lived a carefree life, but I knew that I had to be an artist. I wanted to form a rock band and create my own sound.”

OneRepublic started out as an unsigned act on the social networking website, MySpace. Since June 2004, they have accumulated over fifty million plays for their music on the site. As of 2009, they are the number-one band on MySpace and have been in the MySpace Music’s Top Artists since the summer of 2006.

The band gained further exposure when their 2007 single, “Apologize”, was re-mixed and re-released on Timbaland’s compilation album, Timbaland Presents Shock Value.  The remix became an international chart hit in the fall of 2007. The song broke records after gaining 10,331 spins in one week. According to SoundScan, “Apologize” is the most legally downloaded song in US digital history with sales of over 4.3 million digital downloads in the US alone.

The band was previously been signed to Columbia Records, and their album was due to be released in 2006, but this did not occur. Tedder explained, “Crap happened. People got fired. Labels merged and politics abounded”. The band was released from their deal with Columbia, and they were signed by Timbaland in the summer of 2006 becoming the first rock band to be signed to Mosley Music Group.

Tedder is a multi-instrumentalist. During OneRepublic’s performances, he often switches from singing lead vocals to playing guitar, bass guitar, glockenspiel, tambourine, or piano. On rare occasions, he plays drums alongside the band’s main percussionist, Eddie Fisher.

Ryan Tedder Networth

Tedder earns his wealth through his music which he was able to get a net worth of 30 million dollars. The value of his other assets have not been accounted for but will be done so.

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Ryan Tedder Haircut

Ryan Tedder Haircut


Ryan Tedder Tattoo

He has a tattoo on one arm, written in old Japanese, which he got in Osaka; it means “God’s will” and more literally translates into “God gives and God takes”.

Ryan Tedder Tattoo

Ryan Tedder Instagram

Ryan Tedder Interview

2019 has gotten off to a pretty amazing start for you thanks to the Jonas Brothers’ Number 1 in the US…

“I don’t think many people saw that coming! The culture vulture part of my brain clicked instantly. Wendy Goldstein from Republic Records called me and said ‘this is very hush but we’re signing the Jonas Brothers, they’re reuniting”. I knew Nick and Joe, I’ve worked when them a bunch of times. I was aware of the Jonas Brothers. They kind of blew up when I was trying to get OneRepublic going, so to be honest, I was so focused on my thing that I didn’t realize how big they were [at the time].

“When Wendy said we were putting them back together… when you do music enough or you’re with artists all the time, you kind of get a sixth sense for if something is cool. This struck me as cool, the nostalgia of them.”

You’re bringing your sixth sense to TV with your new show Songland – how did you become involved?

“Around three years ago I got approached by NBC. I had been a mentor before on The Voice for Adam and Pharrell and they approached me to replace Adam’s chair. He was getting kinda burned out. They called me and said ‘Adam is leaving and you’re first choice. You have 48 hours to decide.’ Before I had a chance to respond, they called me back and said ‘false alarm, Adam’s decided he does want to stay. However, we have another show that you could be the face of which makes more sense for you’.

“Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics came up with the idea initially and I obsessively love the Eurythmics; Annie Lennox is maybe my favorite female vocalist of all-time. Long story short, I was roped in as an executive producer and started fleshing out the show with Audrey Morrissey, the brains behind The Voice US and probably the top non-scripted TV producer in the US.”

There aren’t a lot of songwriting shows around so there’s definitely a gap in the market compared to shows like The Voice, isn’t there?

“I can’t compare it to The Voice, or X Factor because it is so unlike any of these shows. This is the first show in my opinion that has cracked the code on music. At the end of a cooking show, you don’t get to taste the food. At the end of Songland, you get to taste the ‘food’ – you get to hear the song.

“It starts with five mostly-unsigned writers that come in. You could be a school teacher in Bristol or a cabbie up in Liverpool who is a part-time songwriter but you’ve not really told anybody and send your song in. Each episode a different artist comes on, like Charlie Puth, Jonas Brothers, and the songwriters audition their songs in front of me, Ester Dean and Shane McAnally. We narrow it down and me, Ester and Shane each produce a song down fully, aiming it at the artist. At end of the episode, the artist picks one and it becomes their new single. The songwriter could go from zero to having a John Legend single. It changes their life immediately.”

You’re balancing a TV show with OneRepublic’s new track!

“Put it this way, this is the first song I’m doing interviews for. I haven’t cared to do interviews in a long time; I love this song and it sounds like OneRepublic on some 2019 s**t and that’s what we were going for. I wrote the treatment for the music video and the last I did that it was for Counting Stars. This might be the best video we’ve ever done. I’m so excited to put out new music.

“I got to the end of 2016 and really questioned if I wanted to do the band anymore. I had maximum burn-out. You go out on your promo tour and if a song is not the biggest hit in your career, you feel like you’ve wasted the last three months. I just don’t have it in me to do that again. Now it’s just about putting out a constant stream of music.

“Then back in December out of nowhere, I got reinvigorated to write OneRepublic stuff again. I had the concept from like four or five years ago ‘Rescue Me’ that I hadn’t really turned into me. Not even joking, the entire lyric came out at one time – which is a good sign – and the entire thing took five minutes. [laughs] Is it a first single? Not really, it’s the first single. But we probably have seven or eight other songs, almost an album.”

You worked with Pink for the first time on her new album Hurts 2B Human.

“Alecia… She’s in my Top 3 sessions of all-time. We literally laughed for four hours and then in the fifth hour thought she should probably write a song! The first song we wrote was Can We Pretend, which I’ve been told is her next international single for the UK, Australia and Europe. The song was written in probably an hour. Her lyricism is unbelievable, she’s one of the best lyricists. Top 3 with Adele and McCartney in terms of my enjoyment of the session. She was amazing.”

What is the one song you’ve written that we’ve not heard yet that you’re most excited for people to listen to?

“I have a number of singles that are about to come. I have an Ed Sheeran record that I still have to finish that I’m pretty excited about. A song I’m ecstatic about is the new 5 Seconds of Summer song. I’ll put it this way, it has a little Nine Inch Nails in it.”