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Sarah Kozer Biography

Sarah Kozer (Sarah Ann Kozer) is an American television personality born on 16th December 1973 in Hunker, Pennsylvania, United States. She is popularly known for participating in the television series ‘Joe Millionaire’ where she finished as a runners-up.

Sarah Kozer was approved for a US trademark on her name (US TM #3026990) after a legal battle over unauthorized use of her name and likeness.

Sarah Kozer Age

Sarah was born on 16th December 19783 in Hunker, Pennsylvania, United States (44 years as of October 2018)

Sarah Kozer Education

Sarah has a degree in philosophy and women’s studies from George Mason University. She also attended Southwestern University School of Law although she dropped out before finishing.

Sarah Kozer Playboy

Sarah appeared in the cover-featured pictorial in the June 2003 issue of Playboy.

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Sarah Kozer Career

Sarah has starred in bondage films like “Novices in Knots”, “Hogtied” and “Helpless Heroines”. She has also featured in foot fetish titles like “Dirty Soled Dolls”.

In one film, Kozer is dressed as a cheerleader and is seen gagged and hog-tied on the floor. In another, dressed as a nurse, she is drugged by a male patient who then binds her to a chair. In a third production, Kozer plays an actress who confronts a theater critic from whom she expects a poor review. She is then seen placing a chloroform- soaked rag over the mouth of the male critic, whom Kozer then gags and ties to a chair (as she writes the review–glowing, of course–for him). “I don’t think you’re gonna write a bad review,” she announces. “I work too hard in this town.

She was chosen to participate on the British reality show Back to Reality in January 2004 which aired on Channel 5 in the United Kingdom. During her stint in the reality show she had a modest “showmance” with contestant James Hewitt. She was evicted before the season finale.

Sarah Kozer Joe Millionaire

In 2003 Sarah Kozer was invited to try out for the Fox’s reality show Joe Millionaire. In the same year in June she appeared in a cover-featured pictorial issue of ‘Playboy’.

During an interview on the podcast Cracked Gets Personal Sarah revealed that when joining the ‘Joe Millionaire’ reality show she did not know better. In the show a group of young women would go on dates with a young, sexy millionaire at a chateau in France, until he finally picked one of them to marry.

Sarah Kozer revealed that Joe was not a millionaire and the show producers went out of their way to hide the basic structure of the show from the women.

“And they also give you these contracts at the laaaaast minute, and you don’t have time to get them reviewed. It’s all a trick. Everything was a lie. I remember I had one of the female producers say to me, I kept trying to get information out … we were told it was not a dating show, but you had to be single so that you’d be open — what if you meet someone? Y’know, anything like that, but we were never told it was a dating show.”

Sarah said that one of the show producers said that the show was only casting professionals, as at the time Sarah was a Law student. “They said, ‘We’re only casting professional women. The show was for role models, for little girls, we want really strong women.'”

Evan and the ‘winning woman’ were each supposed to walk away with $500,000 at the end of the series a fact that was hidden from them.

“We didn’t know that there was any prize money, so it certainly wasn’t a factor … they just don’t tell you anything until you’re super hyped that you’ve just been cast on this awesome show, and it’s this free trip to France with these other amazing women, and it’s gonna be great, and a good, positive show.”

Sarah said that the only prize they were promised was jewelry

“We did realize at a certain point that you received a ‘gift’ of jewelry if you ‘passed’ a round. So considering that we weren’t being compensated for appearing on the show, the necklaces could’ve been a motivator to want to get picked. It also went along with their ‘romance story’ BS, so [it] seemed less skeevy than if we had known all along that there was prize money. They basically sold it as Evan was the big prize, so to speak, and that certainly wasn’t a motivator.”

Sarah Kozer said that the producers didn’t do a good job at making Evan look rich as they were many tells: “I think at one point on one of my dates, he went ballistic because he thought somebody stole a 20-dollar bill out of his wallet. I thought they couldn’t find anybody and they hired him. I didn’t think it was a joke on us. I thought they hired some actor to pretend he was a millionaire for the sake of the storyline.”

Sarah Kozer Twitter

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