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Scott Dworkin  Biography

Scott Dworkin is a Democratic political figure, who has worn many different hats throughout his long career. Dworkin is the Co-Founder and Lead Investigator of the Democratic Coalition in addition to his duties hosting the Dworkin Report.

Scott Dworkin Age

Her Exact date of birth and age is still under investigation we will update when information is available.

Other Personalities: Ben Folds

Scott Dworkin Height

He stands at a fair height and has a fair body weight to match her height.

Scott Dworkin Education

Scott also serves on the Advisory Boards for the New Leaders Council and Democratic GAIN. He was named to the Campaigns & Elections Magazine’s 2011 class of Rising Stars. He received a BA in Political Science and a BA in Sociology at North Carolina State University.North Carolina State University is a public research university in Raleigh, North Carolina. It is part of the University of North Carolina system and is a land-, sea- and space-grant institution. The university forms one of the corners of the Research Triangle together with Duke University in Durham and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The North Carolina General Assembly founded the North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, now NC State, on March 7, 1887, as a land-grant college. Today, NC State has an enrollment of more than 35,000 students, making it the largest university in the Carolinas and among the largest in the country. NC State has historical strengths in engineering, statistics, agriculture, life sciences, textiles, and design and offers bachelor’s degrees in 106 fields of study. The graduate school offers master’s degrees in 104 fields, doctoral degrees in 61 fields, and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

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Scott Dworkin

Scott Dworkin Career

After graduation, Dworkin participated in several small election campaigns to gain experience.Then, in January of 2009, Dworkin became the deputy director of the Management Office for the Presidential Inaugural Committee.He worked as a liaison for President Obama and Vice President Biden for two months before moving on to other campaigns.
In 2012, Dworkin became the deputy director of the Charlotte DNC, where he made several contacts that praised his fundraising abilities.

But Dworkin felt that something was missing in the Democratic formula. Taking his campaign experience and innate fundraising abilities, Dworkin founded and became the CEO of the Bulldog Finance Group, a company that he felt would utilize a new and improved way of organizing and raising money for Democratic causes.The company organizes fundraisers in all 50 states and works to build a strong online presence for their clients.For his work with the Bulldog Finance Group, Dworkin was elected to Campaigns & Elections Magazine’s Rising Star Class of 2011, a prestigious political award that highlights men and women under the age of 35 that are making great achievements in their political fields.

During the campaigns for the 2016 election, where the Democratic party was struggling to reach voters and gain momentum, Dworkin co-founded the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, an organization meant to challenge Trump’s hateful rhetoric and outpour of false information. Today, he mainly spends his time in D.C. working between the Democratic Coalition and the Bulldog Finance Group. Scott can be seen regularly on MSNBC & other networks analyzing & presenting his views on the political landscape.

Scott Dworkin Net Worth

His exact earnings and net worth are still under investigation we will update when information is available.

Scott Dworkin Wife

He has managed to keep his personal life very private with little being KNown about who he is dating or who he is married to.

Scott Dworkin News

After Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway failed to appear to testify on her Hatch Act violations before the House Oversight and Reform Committee on Monday, Democrats, watchdog and advocacy groups called for her to be fired and even put in prison.White House Counsel Pat Cipollone, in a letter to the committee’s chairman Elijah Cummings, wrote, “Ms. Conway cannot be compelled to testify before Congress with respect to matters related to her service as a senior adviser to the president” and that “the President has directed Ms. Conway not to appear at the Committee’s scheduled hearing on Monday, July 15, 2019.”

Accordingly, Conway did not show up to testify on the Office of Special Counsel’s conclusion in June that she broke the federal law prohibiting executive branch employees from influencing the outcome of an election, and recommending that Trump remove her from serving in government.In a statement Monday afternoon, Sean Eldridge, president of the progressive advocacy group Stand Up America, said that Conway is “unfit to serve the American people in any capacity” and that “as the U.S. Office of Special Counsel recommended, she should immediately be fired.”

“By willfully defying this congressional subpoena, Conway has once again showcased her blatant disregard for the rule of law — and Congress should immediately begin proceedings to hold her in contempt,” stated Eldridge, who leads the organization with more than two million members nationwide. “Kellyanne Conway has stopped at nothing to hide the truth about Trump’s abuses of power and conflicts of interest from the American people.”By willfully defying this lawful subpoena, Conway has once again blatantly disregarded the rule of law—Congress should immediately begin proceedings to hold her in contempt.

Furthermore, as the U.S. Office of Special Counsel recommended, she should immediately be fired.

— Stand Up America (@StandUpAmerica) July 15, 2019
Scott Dworkin, co-founder of The Democratic Coalition, told Newsweek that Conway “absolutely” should be fired for countless reasons, and that “Conway should be in prison, not in the White House.”

Dworkin noted that Conway violated federal law, has constantly lied to defend President Donald Trump and is “an accomplice to everything” he does.”She’s one of the worst enablers of his racism, sexism and overall hate,” Dworkin claimed. “She shouldn’t be threatened to be held in contempt, she should be held in contempt immediately.”

Dworkin added that Conway should receive massive daily fines until she testifies before the committee.

Kellyanne Conway Defy Subpoena Fire
Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway speaks to the media after appearing on a morning talk show on the North Lawn of the White House, on June 24, 2019, in Washington, D.C. Conway has been under fire for allegedly violating the Hatch Act.
The Office of Special Counsel determined that Conway repeatedly violated the Hatch Act after receiving multiple complaints from the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW). CREW executive director Noah Bookbinder on Monday afternoon tweeted that the watchdog “recommended Conway be fired.”

“The President chose to ignore the appropriate recommendation that Conway be fired for repeated law violations,” Bookbinder tweeted. “Now Congress in its oversight role has subpoenaed Conway, and the President has told her not to appear, once again resisting accountability.”

The President chose to ignore the appropriate recommendation that Conway be fired for repeated law violations. Now Congress in its oversight role has subpoenaed Conway, and the President has told her not to appear, once again resisting accountability. 2/2

— Noah Bookbinder (@NoahBookbinder) July 1

Scott Dworkin Trump

Since Trump’s rise, a huge wave of energy has captivated progressives, who’ve in turn launched actions like organizing the largest protests in this country’s recorded history, surges in voter turnout in special elections, and creating a new ecosystem of PACs dedicated to the #Resistance—which has helped line the pockets of a new brand of political grifter.

According to a piece out on Wednesday by The Daily Beast, one of these new anti-Trump PACs, the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, has been sinking its donors’ money into consultants and its own legal expenses rather than tangible action to fight back against the president.

As the site reports, the group brought in half a million dollars last year, $130,000 of which was paid to the Bulldog Finance Group—a consulting firm run by political operative Scott Dworkin, who is also a senior adviser at the Democratic Coalition. More than half of the money raised by the Democratic Coalition last year was funneled to its employees or their consulting firms. In 2016, the numbers were even worse: “Dworkin and other staff members received more than 90% of all of the Democratic Coalition’s expenditures, either personally or through a consulting company.” (Dworkin’s Twitter handle is literally @funder.)

Dworkin’s PAC scam isn’t some sort of new invention—such groups proliferated among conservatives who exploited the backlash against Obama for their own profit. Unfortunately, the grift is bipartisan and will endure until the laws that lightly police these organizations are tightened. Wherever there are people with money who are mad about politics, scammers like Dworkin are sure to follow.

Scott Shapiro Hart-Dworkin Debate

Back on June 2 of last year, I wrote a diary calling out a fraud and a con artist named Scott Dworkin who had been posting bullshit tales of “active resistance” at Daily Kos (making the Rec list over and over) while seeking to raise money for his organization, Democratic Coalition Against Trump:

Diary promoting bullsh*t by self-aggrandizing hack Scott Dworkin spends all day atop Rec list

A number of folks here would cite Scott Dworkin (no relation to our esteemed front-pager, Greg Dworkin) in their posts as a source of reliable and useful information on resisting Trump. Hell, Joy Reid would have Dworkin on her program from time to time and his backers here would rail against me for calling out this two-bit hack for being the con artist he is.

Well, lo and behold, journalists Lachlan Markay and Sam Stein from Daily Beast have just published a definitive takedown of Scott Dworkin’s efforts to line his own pockets while posing as a progressive “leader” of the resistance:

Cash for Coalition Against Trump Going Into Consultants’ Pockets Instead

As Trump ran for president, the group raised money promising to stop him—while dedicating more than 90 percent of its expenditures to paying its own members.

Here are the opening two paragraphs from Markay’s and Stein’s piece:

Omar Siddiqui couldn’t make it to an August fundraiser in Beverly Hills for the Democratic Coalition Against Trump. But he ponied up the $2,000 ticket price after the group’s senior adviser, Scott Dworkin, sent him a personal invitation.

Months later, Siddiqui, the Democratic challenger to Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), was surprised to discover his money—or three of every four dollars of it—had gone to the coffers of consultants and lawyers the group leaned on to fight a libel suit, rather than pushing back against the president.

And here’s what I wrote back in June of last year after following the money and detailing how the main beneficiary of funds raised for the Democratic Coalition Against Trump was, in fact, Dworkin’s own “consulting firm,” Bulldog Finance Group. As I summarized in my diary after detailing the money trail:

See how this works? You start an organization with a great sounding name (and you live by the motto, “ABAFD” — Always BAsking For Donations):

Democratic Coalition Against Trump

You start a corresponding super PAC to support your organization:

Keep America Great PAC

You pay most of the money you raise to yourself and your friends! It’s awesome!

And then you send out breathless tweets about how your organization asked the FBI to investigate Paul Ryan, and — Voila! — you start the whole circle jerk of donations all over again!

And the Daily Beast reporting notes just how lucrative these scams can be:

The Democratic Coalition, one of the many new progressive-minded organizations to bloom in the age of anti-Trump fervor, brought in nearly half a million dollars last year. Its donors include Siddiqui, a pair of Hollywood television producers, a former Real Housewife of Miami, and a member of the U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors. The vast majority of its funds, however, have come from people whose names don’t make it into Federal Election Commission disclosures: the small, “unitemized” donors who give $200 or less.

As I detailed back in June, Markay and Stein highlight that Dworkin’s own company, Bulldog Finance Group, has been the primary beneficiary of all of this fundraising:

The Democratic Coalition paid more than half of the money it raised last year to its employees or their consulting firms, according to Federal Election Commission records. Dworkin’s Bulldog Finance Group was the chief beneficiary, drawing more than $130,000 from The Democratic Coalition.

The breakdown in 2016, when the Democratic Coalition declared its goal was “making sure that Donald Trump never became President,” was even starker. That year, Dworkin and other staff members received more than 90 percent of all of the Democratic Coalition’s expenditures, either personally or through a consulting company, according to FEC records.

There have been a number of these con artists working the “resistance” angle for some time, among them Dworkin, Louise Mensch, Claude Taylor, Palmer Report, John Schindler and Seth Abramson. As Brendan Fischer, the director of federal and FEC reform programs at the nonprofit Campaign Legal Center notes in the Daily Beastreport:

“We saw the rise of ‘scam PACs’ during the Obama years, where grifters would tap into anti-Obama sentiment to raise mostly small-dollar donations from grassroots conservatives, and then pay themselves consulting fees rather than use the money to support candidates or causes. The Democratic Coalition seems to be using a similar playbook, only here they are tapping into anti-Trump sentiment.

And the modus operandi of all of these grifters is similar. The article describes Dworkin’s tactics, and if they sound familiar it’s because a number of his fellow grifters (Abramson, Mensch, Taylor, Schindler) do the same:

The Democratic Coalition certainly has a reputation that exceeds its size or budget. The group, and Dworkin himself, are hyperactive on Twitter, crafting lenthy threads of tweets attempting to draw ties between Trump and the Russian government, or implicate other high-ranking Republicans. Those tweets are frequently punctuated with exclamations designed to draw the attention of journalists and news consumers—Exclusive! Breaking!—but occasionally report information that originated in the mainstream political press hours earlier. Dworkin is now raising money for a new project: an eponymous podcast. He’s brought in just under $15,000 of his $50,000 goal on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, where his page declares that he and the Democratic Coalition “have worked to lead the Resistance.

A lot of us here like to laugh at the aging Fox News viewers who flush their money down the scam “conservative cause” toilets peddled by the likes of Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee and other con artists on the right. The truth is, there are always grifters working the aisles. And usually, they’re pretty easy to spot.

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