Social media personality Taylor Alesia Biography, Age, Family, Career and Net Worth

Taylor Alesia

Taylor Alesia Biography

Taylor Alesia is a famous American social media personality who is known for her Instagram where she has over 2 million subscribers. She is also popular on the live streaming YouNow.

Taylor Alesia photo

Taylor Alesia Age

Social media personality Taylor  Alesia was born on October 13, 1996, she is  23 years old as per 2019. Celeb grew up in Arizona along with her older sister and supportive parents. She belongs to white ethnicity and enjoys a lovely slim type of body that measures 32-22-33 inches. Likewise, Alesia stands 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 105 pounds.

Taylor Alesia Family

She is the daughter to Mr. Compton and Mary Anne Compton, a sister to Alli Compton.

Taylor Alesia father Mr.Compton

Taylor doesn’t publicize the first name of her father, so for many people, he is just known as Mr. Compton. He appears in her daughter’s videos from time to time. Obviously, he is very close to his daughter and they share lots of sweet memories together, about which both shared through social media.

It seems at first he was ashamed with the pictures his daughter posted because there is information saying that he didn’t like her videos that she posted at musically. He didn’t tell, what he does for a living, but opened up, that he was very busy with his job, when Taylor was a baby, so she spent most part of her early years by her mother’s side.

Taylor Alesia mother Mary Anne Compton

Currently, she lives in Arizona, but she has Italian roots, this what she confessed in twitter. Mary is a great parent to her daughters – Taylor and Alli. She taught them everything she knew – how to do makeup, how to stay fit and actually shaped them in women, who they are today.
she is a best friend to Taylor and she feels proud of her. Mary Anne is also too proud of everything her daughter Taylor does in social media

Taylor Alesia Sister Alli Compton

 Alii is Taylor’s older sister. They have quite a significant age gap – Alli is 7 years older than her sister. They were very close in their early years. In one of her youtube videos, she said that her sister used to do hair makeups on her.

Then Alii moved to Florida, this caused a distance between them. They didn’t talk on the phone too often and stopped seeing each other. Taylor felt, that she lost connection with Alii and she became emotional. The girl made an emotional video, where she opened up that her sister “passed away”, thus having made her fans confused a bit. But now she and her sister talk as often as possible and maintain warm close relationships.

Taylor Alesia Boyfriend

Unlike many media personalities who would like to keep their personal life separate from their professional life and away from the public, the case is different for the young Social media personality Taylor. She got together with Tanner Fox in March 2017 and made cameo appearances in a handful of his videos

Taylor Alesia boyfriend Tanner

Tanner Fox is a 17-year-old Youtube star and social media personality, born December 22, 1999, in San Diego, CA. He is a professional stunt scooter rider who has demonstrated his craft for more than 6 million subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel and rakes up viral views with just about every post he makes. Tanner created his YouTube page called WTFilms in September 2011 when he was just 12, posting his first videos at that time as well.

He has a following of 3.3 million on YouTube where he documents his various adventures such as riding various motor vehicles and skydiving. Tanner has a dog named Kirby Fox which has her own Instagram account, seriously, anything Tanner touches becomes a social media personality.
The YouTube sensation and Harry Main were featured together in a YouTube video titled BMX vs SCOOTER which is his most famous video till date.

His channel has been termed the fastest growing channel on YouTube as of August 6, 2016. Tanner does a sponsorship with brands like Lucky Scooters and the Grind shop. He also sells online his branded merchandise known as tFox brands such as hats, T-shirts, fidget spinners, phone cases, and backpacks

Taylor Alesia rumor about  dating her close friend

Before Tanner, there was a rumor that Taylor was dating her close friend and Instagram famous star, Caniff. She had assisted Caniff on his merchandise RV Project tour. Their relationship, however, was denied by her supposed boyfriend, Caniff the moment it was revealed. Alesia posted a photo on March 3, 2015, of herself in a pink bikini top passionately kissing a shirtless Caniff to prove their relationship but it caused whiplash and quite a stir.

Social media personality Taylor also revealed on her live streaming service ‘You now’ that Caniff had threatened to sue her for transferring that photo from his phone to hers. However, Caniff sticks to his claim that he has been single for 2 years via Twitter. He brushed off all rumors by calling Taylor a fame-seeking liar.

Even though Canniff’ denied their relationship, Tanner seems to be happy about his relationship with Taylor as there are Instagram posts to that effect. He even surprised her with a visit to Disney land in March 2017.

Taylor Alesia ex-boyfriend Mikey

Some time ago, Alesia was in a relationship with Mikey Barone for some times. Their pictures together were all over the internet, including on the Instagram page of Mikey’s mother. However, their relationship didn’t last very long, and their breakup wasn’t very pleasant.

Mikey didn’t comment on their breakup directly, but he indirectly accused her of not being a nice person. When a fan of Taylor’s commented on Twitter that she is very sweet, and another contradicted saying “no she’s not”, Mikey, favored the latter comment, showing his approval

Taylor Alesia Musically/Career

Taylor Alesia came to fame through social media sites. Firstly, she was on Twitter and Instagram. Later, she started appearing on the live streaming service YouNow. Also, she is popular for her posts and pictures on Instagram, and Twitter.

Taylor Alesia Net Worth

Taylor makes a reasonable sum of income. As of 2019, Taylor Alesia has a net worth of over $500 thousand. Further, she makes good money from her YouTube, Instagram, and YouNow. Moreover, according to reliable net worth sources, she earns $4,424.25 – $7,373.75 per post on her Instagram account.

At the same time, she also collects an impressive amount of $823 – $13.2K per month and accumulates $9.9K – $158.1K per annum. Furthermore, Taylor Alesia earns an impressive income from several endorsements and advertisements. She is still active in her social business. Hence, her net worth and earnings might increase in the upcoming future. Also, she is rising as one of the influencer social media stars

After Social media personality Taylor success on Twitter and Instagram, she started posting her videos on social networking app, musically, In addition, it helped herself to established as a musical star. Taylor shares the incidents regarding her lifestyles In the videos uploaded on Youtube.

Videos inspire many people from all over the world. Regarding her followers and subscribers, Alesia has more than 2.4 million+ followers on Instagram, 173 k + followers on Twitter, and 52.9 k + fans on live video streaming service YouNow.

Taylor Alesia Car

Taylor Alesia Merch

Taylor Alesia Twitter

Taylor Alesia Youtube/

Taylor Alesia song

You make, me not, know what to do,
and I can’t stop thinking about you, and all the bullshit,
that we’ve been through, but still I run back, still run back you
Can’t see, what you do to me,
crowded room but you’re the only one I see,
laying up in bed,
in your white tee, come over here, take it off of me
I can’t imagine what I’d do if I caught you with someone new,
so hypnotized but what you do,
come stay the night and show me it’s true
I promise, it’s just you and me, I’ve never felt like this and we,
could be the best they’ve ever seen, I’ll stay the night,
I swear I’ll never leave I’ll leave I’ll
stay the night I swear I’ll leave, ooh, ooh
Aye, I dream about the perfect time, when I can,
sit back and stare into your eyes, but I can’t,
so I just drive a couple of miles,
but I’m knocking on your door, and you open with a smile, okay
Can’t you see that I’m a player, how’d you make me wanna stay, love?
I can’t focus on your words cause you
the body got me feeling away, so baby I’ll stay
I can’t imagine what I’d do if I caught you with someone new,
so hypnotized by what you do,
come stay the night and show me it’s true
I promise, it’s just you and me, I’ve never felt like this and we,
could be the best they’ve ever seen,
I’ll stay the night, I swear I’ll never leave
I can’t focus on your words, babe
I want you to come to misbehave
You know, just the way to please me
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leave, I’ll stay the night I’ll stay the night

Taylor Alesia And Tanner Fox

Taylor Alesia Instagram

Taylor Alesia Net Worth

Taylor Alesia Dog  

Pomeranian husky is most famous for being the dog of popular Instagrammer and musician Taylor Alesia. His Instagram account has amassed more than 170,000 followers to date. His existence was announced to Taylor Alesia’s fans in the YouTube video “IM GONNA BE A MOTHER!”His own YouTube channel was created in December 2017. Taylor has had him since birth. Like Norman, she is a      pomsk


Taylor Alesia Discord

No information is available for this page

Taylor Alesia Perfume

She uses Bask in royalty with the luscious scent blend of argan oil, vanilla, and citrus. Prepare to command compliments and leaving everyone wanting more of the ROYAL presence brought to the room

Taylor Alesia Tattoo

Taylor Alesia has her zodiac sign (Libra) tattooed on her left wrist. In a YouTube video, she said that zodiac means everything to her and she really believes that zodiac signs describe the personality of a person.

Taylor Alesia has another tattoo on her left middle finger with the nickname her grandma used to call her “bambolina” which means little doll in Italian. Black Ink Childhood Cursive Finger Grandmother Handwriting Italian Nickname Romeo Lacoste Writing


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