Sophia Forest Biography,Age,Height and Weight,Before | Sophia Forest Biography,Age,Height and Weight,Before

Sophia Forest Biography,Age,Height and Weight,Before Fame and I Am Frankie

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Sophia Forest Biography

Sophia Giana Forest is an American model and actress known for her role as Jenny Gaines in Nickelodeon’s “I Am Frankie”.She began modelling and acting at the age of 9.She has booked numerous print jobs,as well as television commercials for Michaels,City Furniture,Pet Supermaket and Mercantil Commercebank.

Sophia Forest Age

She was born on 10th September 2005 in Florida,United States.She’s currently 13 years old.

Sophia  Forest Height and weight

She’s 5 feet taller and weighs 40 kilograms.

Sophia Forest Family and Education

Sophia is home-schooled and this year is enrolled in Florida Virtual School. She has an older brother, Brandon Dusseault, 14, and little sister, Isabelle Forest, 6.

Their father, Mark Forest and  their mother Gina Forest held down the fort during the filming career to work from home.

Sophia Forest

Sophia Forest Before Fame

She began modeling and acting at the age of nine and would score her first acting jobs in commercials for Michael’s, City Furniture, and numerous other brands.

Sophia Forest Residence

She lives in Los Angeles ,United States

Sophia Forest Rise To Stardom

Through the years, Gina,her mother said, people consistently urged her to guide Sophia into modeling, even as a baby.

“When she got older — 4 and up — she loved singing and dancing around the house, and being the center of attention,” including making spy and princess movies with her brother, Gina says.

After Sophia turned 9, Gina reached out to a local photographer who was photographing local talent for a modeling manager on the east coast.

Her mother snapped some photos and submitted them to Soleil Kids in Miami, which “immediately wrote me back and picked her up,” Gina says. This led to a lot of print work for Sophia, including Walmart, Canadian Tire and the European clothing company, Monsoon.

Sophia was booked for several commercials for Michaels craft store and City Furniture, and in print and video promotions for Moon Palace Resort in Jamaica.

“Acting is what she wanted to do, but when she had the opportunity to model, we thought, ‘Well, this is a start. Let’s see where it takes us,’” Gina says.

Acting wasn’t far behind. Sophia soon connected with the Stellar Talent Agency in Pembroke Park.

After attending a casting call for “I Am Frankie,” Sophia was called in November 2016 to a test that mixed and matched different characters to run through parts to assess the chemistry and composition of the potential cast.

Sophia learned a script but was told at the last minute it was being switched. She had to learn the new one on the spot.

Sophia Forest I Am Frankie

“Feels like things are getting real” is the opening line to the catchy theme song for Nickelodeon’s new show, “I Am Frankie.”

A budding acting career has definitely gotten real for Sophia Forest, 12, of Fort Myers, who plays the younger sister to teen android Frankie, a top-secret invention adopted into the family to protect it from nefarious forces.

“I can be sarcastic at times and pretty sassy,” Sophia says of her character, Jenny Gaines. “My character is pretty smart. She loves to play video games. That’s something me and my character have in common — playing video games.”

The 20-episode show launched in September and has developed a strong following. Sophia heads back to Miami this spring to tape the second season.
It’s a wild dream-come-true for Sophia, who grew up a big fan of Nickelodeon. When she turned 2, the celebratory cake was “Backyardigans” themed. These days, she’s moved on to other Nick offerings: “School of Rock,” “Henry Danger” and “Game Shakers.”

“She really, really wanted to be on Nickelodeon,” says her mother, Gina Forest. “Since she was little, that’s what she watched and she wanted to be on it.”

That unexpected reality materialized quickly.




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