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Sophie Clarke Biography

Sophie Clarke(Sophie Georgina Clarke) is a reality television personality known for competing in and winning Survivor: South Pacific.

She is Known for her blunt, witty disposition and sharp-tongued confessionals, she played an under-the-radar game and relied on her challenge prowess, as well as a tight, dominating five-person alliance formed on Night 1 to advance in the game.

Clarke is also remembered for swaying ally Coach Wade into backstabbing Brandon Hantz in a well-crafted “Ozzy’s Pleasure Dome” argument. After winning the critical Final Immunity Challenge against Ozzy Lusth, Sophie Georgina Clarke won in a 6-3-0 vote.

Sophie Clarke Age

Sophie Georgina Clarke is a reality television personality. She is widely known for competing in and winning Survivor”South Pacific”. She was born on July 10. 1989 in Willsboro, NY. Sophie Clarke is 29 years old as of 2018.

Sophie Clarke Family

She is the daughter of Thurston Clarke “Her dad”(an American historian, author, and journalist). She is a native of Willsboro, New York and a graduate of Middlebury College.

She attended Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. Information about her mother and siblings are still under review.

Sophie Clarke Wedding | Sophie Clarke Husband |

Information regarding her wedding or any type of dating is not available it will be updated soon.

Sophie Clarke Inspiration in life

I am skeptical of lionization of any one person. I do admire, however, Albert Schweitzer. He came from a well-off family and yet chose something much less grand with his life than he could have. True humanitarian. True passion. True dedication.

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Sophie Clarke Net Worth

Sophie Clarke has an estimated net worth of $10 million dollars as of 2019. She is the former reality TV personality known for being the winner of Survivor: “South Pacific”.

Sophie Clarke Survivor South Pacific

Survivor: “South Pacific” is the twenty-third season of the American CBS competitive reality television series Survivor.

The season was filmed from May 30 through July 7. 2011 and premiered on September 14. 2011. Applications were due on January 11. 2011, approximately 800 applicants visited in various states, from there 16 contestants were chosen as participants.

Samoa was not initially selected as a location for this season, as the show had already filmed two seasons “Samoa and Heroes vs. Villains” in the area.

The production team withdrew from their original locale, Tonga, due to economic problems. The season was filmed in the vicinity of Upolu and it served as the location for the next season and this was the third season to be filmed in the country, tied with Panama. Redemption Island, first introduced in the prior season, returned for this season.

Clarke was named the winner in the final episode on December 18. 2011, defeating Benjamin “Coach” Wade and Albert Destrade in a 6–3–0 vote.

Ozzy Lusth won $100,000 as of the “Sprint Player of the Season”, winning this honor by the largest margin since the award’s inception in Survivor: China, and earning the fans’ vote over John Cochran. The complete season was released on DVD on September 8. 2015, via’s CreateSpace program.

Survivor: South Pacific winner Sophie Clarke is now a doctor

Clarke put forth an underrated performance to win Survivor: South Pacific, but she’s since gone on to bigger things, namely becoming a doctor.

South Pacific featured a number of memorable moments. Benjamin “Coach” Wade and Ozzy Lusth returned as so-called captains for tribes, and both made it to the final four.

What’s more, Ozzy did so by taking advantage of Redemption Island, asking to be voting out and dominating his way back into the game. What’s more, it also introduced us to Brandon Hantz, nephew of Russell, prior to his infamous blowup when he’d play again.

However, what gets lost in this perhaps is how dominant winner Sophie Clarke was throughout Survivor: South Pacific.

Just 22 years old at the time, she was a strategic force throughout the game, and also won the final Immunity Challenge to get Ozzy booted. What’s more, it speaks to her level of play that she cast a vote towards every castaway who was voted out after the merge.

Sophie went on to win at Tribal Council over Coach and Albert Destrade with a 6-3-0 vote, respectively. Thus, the then medical student was named Sole Survivor and awarded the $1 million prize.

If she ever plays again, though, the medical student will no longer be on her title card.

On Friday, Clarke graduated from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Now if she plays again, she’ll be Sophie Clarke, M.D., as she’s officially a doctor:

One of the primary reasons that Sophie was able to win on South Pacific was her smarts. Her recognition for waves and fluctuations in the game was uncanny.

What’s more, she was also able to very diligently and wisely discern her next move to stay on top of the game. So it only figures that she would go on to be a doctor given that aspect of her game — even if she wasn’t listed as a medical student.

Whether it’s on a fabled all-winners season or just the next season with returning players, Sophie has now put herself back in the mix.

She’s got that silly medical school degree out of the way. Now it’s time to get back to her most financially lucrative venture to date, the game of Survivor.

Sophie Clarke Interview

Survivor: South Pacific’: The winner speaks! And delivers parting shots at fellow finalists

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So, at any point did Albert ask for your million dollar check, but offer to give it back if he ever thought you were in financial danger?

SOPHIE: Uh…no comment.

What I want to know is; Where’s the oversized novelty check? For me, that would be almost better than the real thing.

You mean like when you go on The Early Show and they give you that huge thing?


I don’t know! I want a huge one. What am I gonna do? I’m going to have to photocopy this one or something.

Go to Kinkos and blow it up?

I think they probably gave it to Coach by accident.

Which is better: being named Prom Princess in 11th grade or Sole Survivor?

That’s a tough call. I’m gonna go with Prom Princess. Survivor is great and everything, but it’s associated with the pretentious brat thing.

When I was a Prom Princess, everyone was calling me wonderful and beautiful and smart. And there was also a crown involved. The only person that ever got a crown from Survivor is Sandra and I think she probably bought it herself.

Sophie, there were a lot of comments made about your character in the finale. Would you describe yourself as warm or fuzzy?

Wait, are you seriously asking me that question? That is so funny because when I was in college I overheard this girl talking about me and her friend said to her, “Who is this girl you’re talking about?” and the girl said, “Her name’s Sophie and she’s not warm or fuzzy or anything!” No, I am neither warm nor fuzzy. I don’t want to be either. Would you ever want to be described as warm or fuzzy?

You don’t think I’m warm and fuzzy, Sophie?

No. C’mon. I’m not friends with many warm or fuzzy people. The only person I’m friends with who’s warm and fuzzy is Dawn, and I think she’s genuinely the only warm and fuzzy person in the world.

It’s actually kind of scary how genuinely warm and fuzzy she is.

I know, right? It’s terrifying!

You had an emotional breakdown at Tribal Council, and while I’m sure you were mortified by that when it happened because you pride yourself on being such a strong woman, do you think that helped you with the jury in that it showed your softer side and that you too could be vulnerable?

Definitely. At first, I was like, “Oh my God, I just ruined everything. Nobody wants a crybaby for a winner.” But then I got back to the beach and started thinking about it, and the reason I was being called out as I was being told I had this hard exterior and came off too blunt and arrogant and I came off like a bitch.

And by crying and being a little bit more vulnerable, I squashed that. I think I did win part of the jury over right there.

How comfortable were you going into that final Tribal when you first arrived, and then how comfortable were you after the jury questions when they went up to vote?

I knew that I had a shot. The thing that shocked me was Ozzy starting it off by saying, “This game is yours to lose, Coach,” and that shocked me.

Because I thought I was going to go in there with a good claim for the million, and all of a sudden I was on defense. And then after all the questions, I could tell that Coach was really hammered. I mean everyone was getting hammered, but he was getting hammered the most.

All they wanted was honesty, and I was the only one at the final Tribal to give them honesty. All Coach had to say was “I manipulated all of you,” and he would have gotten the million.

I was the only one to own up to things. I was just brutally honest with people and didn’t just say what they wanted to hear.

Cochran asked me, “What was the best move of the game?” and I immediately said, “Well, it wasn’t yours. Yours sucked!” And, you know, Albert would never say that.

Albert would think that was the surest way to lose a jury vote. I could tell the jury didn’t want to be messed around with. They’re not stupid people.

Who didn’t vote for you besides Cochran?

I actually thought I was going to get more votes than I did. I came out of Tribal, thought I won, thought about it a lot over this year, and I was pretty sure that Cochran and Edna had voted for Coach.

Why Edna voted for Coach is beyond me. But I think Coach’s third vote was Rick, which is surprising. But I really screwed over Rick.

Rick was truly a very bitter juror because Rick never had an alliance with Coach. Rick and I had a final three alliance. And he was very bitter at me. So I was actually really terrified when I saw the third vote.

I was like, “Oh my God, I was completely wrong. I thought I won!” I started to practice my gracious loser face in my head. It was terrifying.

Tribal Councils are always much longer than what we see on TV. Tell me something else big that was said by either you and the finalists or the jury at that final tribal that didn’t make the final cut.

Well, like the whole season, there was also more religion than what was shown. I was asked how I felt about the religion thing and had to give a politically correct answer.

I think the religion thing really screwed Coach over because Dawn is a very religious person and Brandon is a very religious person and to them, it was really unnecessary and too personal.

When you said, “I’m not a used car salesman,” that was totally directed at Albert, wasn’t it?

Yeah, I took a lot of shots at Albert at that final Tribal. Actually, that’s one of the main things you never saw throughout the season.

Every Tribal, I took shots at Albert, which is why he starting hating me. I would try to take playful shots at him because I was really worried. Albert was really buttering up the jury.

And I was getting really worried that he might win. So the time he gave Cochran the message I called him out hard at Tribal.

Speaking of Albert, that was a pretty bold move ordering him to pick up your pieces for you during the house of cards challenge.

Albert is the worst challenge player in the history of Survivor. I feel confident saying that. Even like, Courtney Yates won a challenge, right? I mean, whatever, he won one challenge.

We all agreed that none of us would win the million if Ozzy got to the end. The main thing was to beat Ozzy. I didn’t know if Jeff was going to let us do it, but might as well try.

And you hear Albert, “Oh, I’m almost there.” He had what, two pieces on his thing?!? And then at the final challenge, you saw him just kind of follow me wherever I would go, and he would do that at camp too. I think he got a reality check last night, so that was good.

Let’s say Ozzy had won that final challenge and voted you out…

Oh, no. I wouldn’t have been voted out. Coach and I were really tight, which they didn’t show, and he wouldn’t have betrayed me.

The coach would have voted with me and I would have done a fire-making challenge against Albert, and I probably would have beaten him, Ozzy would have won the game but I still would make the final three.

Well, let’s just say you didn’t beat him and went to the jury. Whom would you have voted for to win?

I think I would have voted for Coach at the time because I hated Ozzy, and I didn’t respect Albert’s gameplay, so I would have voted for Coach.

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