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Stephanie Stevenson Bio

Stephanie Stevenson is an American world-class Salsa dancer, choreographer, and instructor. She holds numerous titles including ‘LA’s Top Women’s Champion’. Stephanie has become one of the most sought after Latin choreographers and instructors, usually referred to as the Princess of Salsa.

Stephanie was dancing in her crib even as a young child but really got the ‘dance bug’ when she was only 11 years old. Nevertheless, at the age of 19, she was struck by a drunk driver and left in a coma for two weeks. She was told that she wouldn’t dance again. That wasn’t acceptable to her, hence, she fought through the pain and later won her first Women’s title as the Salsa Champion in Los Angeles.

The salsa icon had her first child named Jade on December 25, 2015. Dancing was able to get her through severe postpartum depression and four months after giving birth, she became an inspiration to all moms around the world after winning her next LA Women’s Solo Competition.

During her next pregnancy, she entered another competition and became known as the ‘Pregnant Salsa Dancer.’ Several news outlets covered the competition which Stephanie won. It went viral in 2 days, gaining over 40 million views.

After many years of successes, including the welcoming of her second child, Rocky, Stephanie Stevenson is proud to be bringing the highest-energy Latin dance classes to Los Angeles, all taught in her own studio within North Hollywood. She has choreographed for shows like Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance.

She has a clothing line called “Salsera” which can now be found at the studio as well as through the online store. Salsera is a term she coined for women who are strong, smart, sexy, and an all-around badass. You can find Stephanie now working on numerous projects, continuing to inspire, motivate, and shape women all over the world.

Beginner Team, Intermediate Team, and Pro Teams offer tryouts and designated classes throughout the week at our studio in Los Angeles.


Stephanie Stevenson has most of her information low key. However, we can guess her age looking at her pictures which are readily available on the internet. We will update as soon as we get information about her birthdate.

Stephanie Stevenson Latin Dance Studio

She was first located at a studio in Los Angeles and now has her very own studio located in  Burbank Blvd,  California, United States. Walk-ins are accepted and the parking fees are metered. Stephanie Stevenson’s Latin Dance Studio payment methods include Visa and MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Debit, and cash.

Stephanie Stevenson Salsa Fit

The classes at the studio welcome any level of dancer. Beginner classes work on the basics of salsa, rhythm, and body movements. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, join Stephanie Stevenson Latin Dance Studio for a fun, full-body workout in a “You Go Girl” supportive environment. Their newest classes are Salsa Fit, Salsa Kids, Salsa Teens, and Mommy and Me.

Handicap Access is available, the place is kid friendly and the spoken languages are English and Spanish. If a student does not Cancel or Late Cancel themselves out of class and does not show up for the scheduled class, it is considered a No Show. No Shows are charged a fee of $17 to the card on file, but they will keep the class from the package for later use.

Students have the opportunity to cancel themselves out of class with no charge At least 8 hours before a scheduled class. If a class is canceled at least 8 hours prior, the class can be made up within a reasonable time.

For 5-Class Packages, the class must be made up within 30 days. On the other hand, for 10-Class Packages, the class must be made up within 60 days. For Private Lessons, you can make up your canceled class within 30 days for Single Lessons, within 60 days for 5-Class Packages, and within 90 days for 10-Class Packages.

Any late cancellation made within 8 hours of scheduled class result in the loss of class scheduled. Late canceled single classes lose a class but are not charged a fee. Her goal is to spread positivity and form a community where people can feel at home while learning to dance. Stephanie’s dance school focuses on Salsa, Bachata, Partnering and ladies styling.

In addition to that, the studio also teaches Reggaeton and yoga. Stephanie started a new fitness class called “SalseraFit” which is an hour of non-stop dance fitness. She loves kids and believes that they are the future of dance. Hence, the dancer has mommy and me classes as well as kids and teens. Check out her website for more information.


Stephanie Stevenson has been teaching Zumba, but she felt like it was always the same choreography, repeated over and over. As much as she loved to just dance, she missed the workout aspect of it. She developed a program that includes her love for salsa, dance, and fitness training. The combination is powerful, fun, and keeps her body and her students’ bodies strong and healthy.

Stephanie Stevenson Instagram

The salsa dancer is available on Instagram @salsawithstephanie. She has over 1,600 posts and 13.4k followers. See what she has been doing and contact her on Instagram below.

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Stephanie Stevenson Pictures

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