Stephanie Waldref

Stephanie Waldref joined the KOLD News 13 team in June 2018 after spending a couple of years on the beach in Wilmington, NC.

While the beach was beautiful, to say she’s excited about the dry heat would be an understatement!

Stephanie grew up in North Dakota where she got an atmospheric sciences degree from the University of North Dakota. After she graduated, she spent a year covering the cold, harsh winters of her home state at the NBC affiliate in Minot. After living in the north all her life, she decided to trade in her snow boots for flip-flops and moved to Wilmington, NC. While she was in North Carolina, she covered everything from Hurricane Matthew to more than three-inches of snow on the beach! Now Stephanie is excited to add monsoon forecasting to the list!

In her free time, you can find Steph enjoying a local restaurant or brewery with her husband and two dogs. She also loves the outdoors (when it’s not 1,000 degrees!) and is looking forward to exploring all the hiking trails around Tucson! She’s also very excited to be close to her family in Phoenix and can’t wait to spend the holidays with them — when she doesn’t have to do the cooking, ha ha!

If you have any weather questions or recommendations on anything to do around Arizona, you can reach out to her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; or send her and email.

Contact Stephanie

• Email: [email protected]

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