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Steve Kanaly Actor Biography

Steve Kanaly is an American actor, best known for playing Ray Krebbs, foreman of the Southfork Ranch, on the CBS prime-time soap opera Dallas from 1978 to 1989. He was born March 14, 1946, as Steven Francis Kanalay in Burbank, California, USA. Steve grew up in the San Fernando Valley and attended California State University, Northridge. He is also a well known watercolor artist.

He recorded a radio public service announcement for CARE in 1981, and he and former Dallas costar Susan Howard were featured in 1992 NRA advertisements promoting responsible firearms ownership. Steve and his wife, Brent, live on a ranch in Ojai, California. He is an esteemed watercolor artist. Steve served with the First Air Cavalry Division as a radio operator, in the Vietnam War. He provided details of his experiences in the service to John Milius, who is the screenwriter of the film Apocalypse Now.

Steve enjoyed a happy and busy childhood in a working-class neighborhood where he attended and graduated from Van Nuys High School in Van Nuys, California in 1964. Having experienced and survived the depression, rationing, and the war, his parents had to be conservative. They made sure their son understood the value of a dollar by encouraging him to work selling eggs from a neighborhood feed store. Steven also delivered newspapers on his bike and even mowed lawns with an old push mower for fifty cents per lawn.

His hobbies included scouting, body surfing at the beach, and camping and fishing with his family. He pursued courses in painting, drawing, music lessons and piano recitals in the school orchestra. Steve was the co-captain and an all-league defensive player for the Van Nuys High School football team. He graduated in 1964 with plans to pursue a career in advertising design.

Steve Kanalay Dallas Actor

The details he provided were for scenes in the film involving the character of Colonel Bill Kilgore, played by Robert Duvall. In 1991, he recovered the role for the final episode of the series and again for the reunion movie Dallas: War of the Ewings back in 1998. In addition to that, he redeemed the role again in the 2012 TNT revival attending his nephew Christopher’s wedding.

Again in 2013, Steve recovered the role of Ray Krebbs to attend the funeral of J. R. Ewing. In 1979, Steven Kanaly also guested in other series, including Time Express. From 1994-1995, he also had a role on All My Children as Seabone Hunkle, the father of Dixie Cooney Martin, played by Cady McClain. All My Children is an ABC daytime drama series.

In film production, Steve collaborated frequently with writer and director John Milius, appearing in, The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, Dillinger. Other films, among others, include The Wind and the Lion, and Big Wednesday. John befriended Steve when they attended the same shooting range in California and turned him to acting by recommending him to John Huston.

Other film roles include The Terminal Man, My Name Is Nobody and Midway. In the famous film, “Walker, Texas Ranger”, Steven starred as J.T. Fuller in one of the episodes. His favorite mentors and best friends are Barbara Bel Geddes and Larry Hagman.

Steve Kanaly Wife

Steve Kanaly married Brent Elizabeth Power on March 27, 1975, in attendance of family. They share two children, both of whom are daughters, the eldest Quinn Kathryn, and Evan Elizabeth. He and his wife enjoy a quiet country lifestyle on their ranch in Ojai, California, where they raise avocados and oranges. Their relationship is an example of a long lasting one, since, until this day, there are no rumors or disagreements surrounding their union.

Steve Kanaly Age

Steve enjoyed a happy and busy childhood in a working-class neighborhood where he attended public school. He was born March 14, 1946, in Burbank, California.  As of today, Steve is now 73 years old.

Steve Kanaly Height

Steve Kanaly is 6 feet and 1/2 inches tall. This is actually 188.88 centimeters or 1.8888 converted into meters.

Steve Kanaly On Dallas

Dallas is an American primetime TV Soap opera that aired on CBS from April 2, 1978, to May 3, 1991. As told by Steve Kanaly himself, his agent called him one day to say that C.B.S. wanted Steve to audition for a show called “Dallas.” The agent added that the crew hadn’t cast anyone yet and Steve could be right for any of the three male roles, J.R., Bobby or Ray.

Steve Kanaly(right) in Dallas scene

Steve was immediately attracted to the role of Southfork Ranch foreman, Ray Krebbs and the producers felt the same way. He took the contract and the production company started off to film on location in Big “D”. Like for many other actors, Dallas was the highpoint of his career. He was the ideal example of the all-American cowboy, never seen without his stetson, gun holster and cowboy boots.

Steve recovered the role of Ray Krebbs for the final episode of the primetime soap opera Dallas in 1991. He redeemed the role again in the 2012 TNT revival. Steve was attending his nephew Christopher’s wedding at that time. In 2013, Steve recovered the role of Ray Krebbs again, to attend the funeral of J. R. Ewing. Click here to catch his interview with Channel 4.

Steve Kanaly Today

Steve Kanaly is still happily married to his original wife, Brent Power and they live on a ranch in Ojai, California, where they grow avocados and oranges. In an interview, he called her his best bud. They are now very invested in being grandparents to more than four grandkids and they’re all up in San Francisco.

So he and his wife try to go there once a month for at least a week or so. Another of Steve’s main things is staying healthy. He works out every day at a school where he is a volunteer, teaching a program related to sport shooting. Steve confirmed that the job is very rewarding. In addition to all that, he paints and plays the piano.

Steve Kanaly Art Work

Steve Kanaly spends a great deal of time painting. He is a popular watercolor artist. His artistic development began early with courses in painting, drawing, music lessons and piano recitals in the school orchestra. He graduated from high school with plans to pursue a career in advertising design.

Some of his artwork includes painting of Matilja Creek in the Los Padres National Forest just a few miles from their ranch in Ojai, California. The painting is 18 inches by 24 inches, painted in transparent watercolor. Steve paints outdoors and prefers natural settings in the mountains and the seashore. He prefers watercolors because they travel conveniently and can go anywhere.

Steve Kanalay painting of Matilja Creek

He sketches most of the time in the field and then completes the larger more complex paintings in the studio. His other eye gripping painting is of a storm at the coast in Big Sur California. It is 16 inches by 20 inches. Steve painted it, along with two smaller ones painted at the same location, to be sold at auction. The money collected from the sales was purposed to benefit developmentally disabled at a fundraiser that he attended in Abilene Texas. Watercolor painting is something that Steve has done for years.

Steve Kanaly Ken Kercheval

Ken Kercheval was originally cast as Jock Ewing’s illegitimate son called Ray Krebbs. Steve Kanaly eventually played that part since Ken won the more pivotal role of Cliff Barnes, who was the brother of Pamela Ewing, in the primetime American Soap Opera, Dallas. Ken died recently on 24th April 2019. A woman spoke at the Frist Funeral Home in Ken’s hometown of Clinton, Indiana, confirming his death in a short conversation with “The Hollywood Reporter” but would not get into specific details.

The cause of his death is being kept private by family. However, it was confirmed that Ken was a heavy smoker and had been diagnosed with lung cancer in the past, for which he had part of his lung removed in 1994. He has left behind three children, Caleb, Liza, and Madison. He died aged 83 years old.

Steve Kanaly In The Heat Of The Night

In 1993, Steve Kanaly featured In the Heat of the Night, the American drama television series, as Cowboy Habersham. He appeared in one episode of the series titled “Incident at Brewer’s Pond”.

Steve Kanaly Movies And Tv Shows

Steve has played roles in more than 20 films and 30 for TV movies and series. For detailed information on all of his filmography work, click here.


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