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Tamara Hurwitz Bio, Age, Education, Career, Husband, Net Worth and Scandals

Tamara Hurwitz, also known as Tamara Pullman, is an American dancer and performer. She is the wife of actor Bill Pullman and has three children with him

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Tamara Hurwitz Biography

Tamara Hurwitz, also known as Tamara Pullman, is an American dancer and performer. She is the wife of actor Bill Pullman and has three children with him, two sons and one daughter. Presently based in California, Hurwitz has been interested in dancing since she was a child.

Tamara Hurwitz Age

Hurwitz was born in America’s the United States. Hurwitz, who has not revealed the precise birth and birth year information, is celebrating her birthday every year on February 6th. As we can suppose that the mid-50s could be her age. She hasn’t disclosed her parents ‘ information, but her parents are known to the art educator and painter ber.

Her dad was 91 when he died in 2012 in her arms at the Los Angeles Arts Gallery. She experienced another tragic time when her mom passed away in 2014 after about two years of her father’s death. Hurwitz has not revealed much data about her background in education. She also did not reveal anything about her brothers. She holds an American nationality and belongs to the mixed ethnicity( Dutch-Jewish).

Tamara Hurwitz Height and Weight

Hurwitz stands and weighs at average height. She’s got blue eyes and hair blonde. Besides these, her body measurements are not more detailed.

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Tamara Hurwitz Education

Hurwitz has not disclosed much information regarding her educational background.

Tamara Hurwitz Career

Since she was a kid, Tamara Hurwitz has been dancing. For over three decades, she’s been doing it professionally. Hurwitz has conducted throughout the U.S. throughout her illustrious career. She conducted with Jose Limon Dance Company in New York City, a dance group that was initially established by late Jose Limon. She worked with the Pacific Dance Ensemble when she was in Oregon. Tamara also worked with Rosanna Gamson Worldwide in Los Angeles.

Since the 1980s, Hurwitz and Penfield have worked together. Their 2018′ Passing’ project was motivated by their loved ones ‘ fatalities. In the event of Hurwitz, it was her parents who died from each other within two years. They spent five years developing the project at Randolph’s Chandler Center for the Arts, and it debuted on April 28.

Hurwitz has appeared in two documentaries in her career. In 2012, both she and her husband were featured in ‘The Fruit Hunters’. Directed by Yung Chang, the documentary explores the relationship that has existed between man and food since the dawn of time. In Nina Gilden Seavey’s short documentary ‘Parables of War’, she featured alongside her husband once more. Released in 2014, it attempts to answer an age-old question: “How can civilization heal the wounds of war?”

Bill Pullman has always been active on stage, in addition to having a flourishing career in movies and television. However, in the last 35 years, he had not worked with his spouse on any significant project as of 2014. That shifts when they were cast together in the multimedia performance of” Healing Wars’ by Liz Lerman. After having taken three years to complete, favorable reviews were published on June 2014.

Tamara Hurwitz Husband

In her private lives, Tamara has retained the same belief as her professional career. She’s a wife; she’s actually a happily married woman. After a few years of dating, Hurwitz married Bill Pullman back on January 3, 1987. The couple has not revealed much data about their marriage ceremony and married life until the date.

The duo has exchanged their vows for over three decades and is still enjoying a good married life. Also, the pair was not engaged in any kind of controversy or in any extramarital relations.

Together, three kids were greeted by Hurwitz and Pullman; two sons and one daughter. In 1988, the couple greeted their oldest kid, Maesa Pullman’s daughter. Maesa is commonly recognized as a singer and songwriter for singles such as Morning Field and Whippoorwill.

Hurwitz gave birth to his second kid, the eldest son, the puppet-maker Jack Pullman in 1989. He has experienced a few disputes and scandals about drinking underage and having moonshine, an untaxed liquor.

Tamara Hurwitz Net Worth

The net worth and income of Hurwitz are under review as of 2019, but there is no doubt that she leads a lavish lifestyle. From her dancing career, she earns thousands of dollars.

A contemporary U.S. dancer earns an average annual wage of about $29,822. For Lexy Panterra, Tamara, who was an idol, owns a net worth of $750,000. On the other side, the husband of Tamara, the net value of $18 million for Bill Pullman.

Tamara Hurwitz Controversies and Scandals

Although Tamara and Bill Pullman have always retained a secret lifestyle and have never been part of any controversy, her eldest child has always been on the headlines.

He and his friend Allan Gaddy were detained in Asheville, North Carolina back in October 2008 after being charged with drinking underage, resisting policemen, and having untaxed liquor called moonshine.

Tamara Hurwitz Social Media

In addition, Tamara Hurwitz yet not active on socials sites including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.