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Tania Nayak

Tania Nayak is an Indian-American television personality and interior designer who is Famous for her manic energy and bright engaging smile, Taniya  was born in Nagpur, India, and came to the US as an infant with her family, who settled in Boston, MA, where she was raised.

Her father is B.D. Nayak, a renowned Boston-area architect. Taniya graduated from Weymouth High in 1991, from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell with a B.A. in Marketing and is pursuing her M.A. in Interior Design at Boston Architectural College. She shared an award for Top Honors in the International Interior Design Associations’ Student Sketch Problem Competition.

Taniya Nayak Ethnicity

She is of American, Indian Nationality.She was born in India, and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Her father, B.D. Nayak, is an architect of renown in Boston. In 2007, she married Brian O’Donnell.She graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Lowel with a B.A. in marketing. She subsequently graduated from the Boston Architectural College with her M.A. in interior design.

Taniya Nayak Age

Born on February 22, 1973, in Nagpur, India, Nayak’s age is 45 years. Nayak’s family moved to Boston, Massachusetts when she was a baby. Design runs in Nayak’s blood as her dad B.D. Nayak is an architect in Boston.

Taniya Nayak Husband

Brian O’Donnell Nayak’s husband is Boston restauranteur, Brian O’Donnell. The two met when Nayak was bartending at some of Boston’s hotspots like Venu, Felt and, Pravda. She has a bartending experience of over 13 years! Nayak and O’Donnell got married in 2007. O’Donnell is the chef & owner of Bywater, a new restaurant in the historic working waterfront of Warren, Rhode Island. He started his culinary career in Pittsburgh but in the unlikeliest turn of events found himself head chef at Cafe Nuovo in Providence where he developed his passion for sustainable seafood and local food culture.

Taniya Nayak Net Worth

Nayak’s earnings are estimated to be high considering her continued accomplishments as an interior designer and television celebrity, but Nayak’s net worth is unknown as of now.

Taniya Nayak Wiki

Wikipedia has Not written Abou Nayak

Taniya Nayak Image


Taniya Nayak Hgtv

HGTV may be where Nayak found fame, but her television journey began with ABC’s Knock First, a show designed to help teenagers decorate their rooms.

Nayak then moved to HGTV where she went on to appear in a string of shows like Designed to Sell, Destination Design and House Hunters on Vacation. The successful run of these shows made Nayak a celebrity. Her work has been featured in a number of magazines and talk shows, and she also had won many awards for her elegant yet functional designs. She is also the brand ambassador of Ellen DeGeneres’ QVC design line.

Nayak has also appeared In Food Network’s Restaurant: Impossible, a show that helped revive the fortunes of struggling restaurants.

Nayak’s earnings are estimated to be high considering her continued accomplishments as an interior designer and television celebrity, but TNayak’s net worth is unknown as of now.

Taniya Nayak Parents

Her Mother is Leela Nayak and Hert Father B.D. Nayak.

Taniya Nayak Designed To Sell

Raised in a fun-loving, imaginative Indian family in Boston, Nayak especially credits her talented architect father for her early interest in interior design. But it was her own design style, as well as a stint at Boston Architectural College, that landed Nayak her first TV gig on ABC Family’s Knock First. Working for Scout Productions, the creators of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Nayak was one of four designers/hosts of the hit show geared to hip, ambitious teens. She then moved to HGTV as a designer on the edgy FreeStyle, before joining the expert team of HGTV’s popular show, Designed to Sell, where she helps would-be home sellers transform their homes with only $2,000.

She started Taniya Design LLC. in order to create affordable, yet inspirational spaces that capture her clients’ individual personalities. Her expertise in staging and minor renovations has earned her clients’ top-dollar sales of their homes, and earned Nayak a top-10 ranking in the INDIA New England’s Business Women of the Year in 2004.

Taniya Nayak Tv Shows

#Restaurant: Impossible

In Restraunt Impossible Chef Robert Irvine tries to turn around restaurants across America that are facing an impending demise if things don’t improve. With a $10,000 budget and two days to work, Irvine uses his creativity and resourcefulness to turn the eatery’s fortunes around. On day one, he assesses the business by observing the staff and kitchen during a full service. He then updates the menu and makes aesthetic changes to the restaurant in preparation for the grand reopening the following day. Irvine goes out into the community to get a crowd into the building to check out the improvements on the second day of the project.

#The Great Christmas Light Fight

Carter Oosterhouse and Nayak judge elaborate Christmas displays created by families across the country. Each episode features the holiday home transformations of four families that were selected through a nationwide search based on past elaborate Christmas light displays, choreography, and extravagant designs as they compete to deck their homes out in the ultimate show of Christmas spirit. Once a winner is chosen, the judges return to the home to congratulate the family and present the $50,000 prize.

#House Hunters on Vacation

A dream vacation comes true for one family in each episode of this “House Hunters” takeoff. The family is sent to an exotic destination, where host Taniya  greets them with a welcome surprise. She takes the family on a tour of three fabulous homes chosen specifically for their needs, and after getting a thorough look at each property and the surrounding amenities, the family chooses the house they want to stay in for a week.

#Billion Dollar Block

Interior designer Nayak hosts HGTV’s “Billion Dollar Block,” which gives viewers an inside look at multimillion-dollar homes. In each episode, Nayak visits a town to tour three over-the-top homes in the same neighborhood where she finds out how millionaires customize their houses, from man caves to extravagant wine cellars and a private ice skating arena. Homes like these are expected in neighborhoods like Beverly Hills and Manhattan, but Nayak takes viewers into lesser-known towns across America.

#Destination Design

Homeowners who love to travel, and hate thinking about a neglected space in their home, get the best of both worlds in “Destination Design.” They’re sent on a luxury vacation to discover things like colors and images that inspire them, and while they’re away designer Nayak (“Designed to Sell”) and her team spruce up that run-down room, a makeover tailor-made to reflect the homeowners’ unique vacation experience.

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