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Jack Van Impe biography, Age, family, Wife and Net Worth

Televangelist Jack Leo Van Impe is an American televangelist who is known for his half-hour weekly television series. Jack Van Impe Presents,

Televangelist Jack Van Impe

Jack van Impe biography

Televangelist Jack Leo Van Impe is an American televangelist who is known for his half-hour weekly television series. Jack Van Impe Presents, an eschatological commentary on the news of the week through an interpretation of the Bible.

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Jack van Impe Age

Jack Leo Van Impe was born on February 9, 1931, in Freeport, Michigan USA.he is currently 88 years old as of 2019.

Jack van Impe family

His parents Oscar Alphonse Van Impe and Marie Louise, née Piot, immigrated from Belgium to the city of Troy, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, in the United States in 1929. According to the update information, it shows that he was the only kid. The reason why Van Impe had decided to become an evangelist was that his father was a missionary with very strong faith.

Jack Van Impe Wife

Televangelist, Van Impe married Rexella Mae Shelton, who used to organize the crusades. His future wife and best friend was born in Missouri on November 29, 1932, and she was named after her father, Rex Shelton. The couple were married on August 21, 1954, and started their own joint ministry, Jack Van Impe Ministries. They have kept information about their children secret because we haven’t known anything about them so far.

Jack Van Impe Net Worth

Jack’s personal fortune is listed as $2.5 million, while his operating budget in Ministries International is somewhere in the $12 million range, and his listed salary with the corporation is around $100,000 per year

Jack Van Impe Presents

Jack Van Impe Presents is a weekly telecast currently produced by Van Impe’s non-profit organization at the Jack Van Impe Ministries World Outreach Center, in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Van Impe’s wife, Rexella, cohosts.

On a typical show, Rexella begins by reading recent news headlines. Van Impe then applies his memorization of Bible verses to interpret the news stories, generally in an attempt to show that it is another manifestation of biblically-predicted signs of the end of the age.

In explaining how careful he is with money donated to his ministry, Jack says he has worn the same suit coat for many years but admitted he does get a new necktie for each program to match the colors of Rexella’s constantly changing wardrobe.

Jack van Impe New world order

Recurring topics include a New World Order consisting of one world government and one world religion, prophecies of future wars and the second coming of Jesus, modern “Chrislam”, differences between the biblical Jesus and the Jesus of Islam, the proposed United Nations blasphemy law and Islamic extremism, the removal of crosses from churches, the importance of doctrine, and criticism of such individuals as Pope Francis, Barack Obama, Rick Warren, Robert Schuller, Joel Osteen, and Oprah Winfrey. Jack also cites numerous Bible verses, with emphasis on various select verses that are his favorites. Van Impe uses the King James version of the Bible.

In 2017 Jack began referring to himself as a prophet and holy man, with a particular commission from the Holy Spirit to announce the return of Jesus Christ, a commission Jack attributed to his extensive memorization of Bible texts cited with chapter and verse. However, in the 30 June 2018 video, Jack admitted that “The verses have all come back but sometimes the numbers are a little difficult” since his coma. In the 6 October 2018 video, Jack stated that his wife Rexella was also chosen with him by the Holy Spirit to reach the 7.6 Billion people on earth.

The headlines listed below

» MAY 3, 2019 Jack Van Impe Presents | #Jack Van Impe Presents — May 4, 2019
America’s new tune: Losing our religion
Sinicizing Religion.
Nigerian Muslim Militants Kill 120 Christians in Three Weeks.

» APRIL 26, 2019 Jack Van Impe Presents | #Jack Van Impe Presents — April 27, 2019
Islamic Jihad: War with Israel ‘likely’ this year…
Iran threatens Israel with ‘Inferno’, vows to improve missile accuracy…
The threat of nuclear war is still with us

» APRIL 12, 2019 Jack Van Impe Presents | #Jack Van Impe Presents — April 13, 2019
The 50 countries where it is most dangerous to follow Jesus…
China: Muslim torture camps are necessary education centers…
Sex trafficking rampant across the U.S.

Jack Van Impe Ministries

Televangelist Jack Van Impe Ministries International seeks to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You can watch every week’s program of Jack Van Impe ministries online

Jack Van Impe Prophecy Bible

New 2nd Edition,

Limited Special edition, VG+ genuine bonded burgundy Leather, shrink wrapped, gilded pages Smyth sewn for maximum quality, in VG+ box, prophecy verses shaded and identified, Scripture memorization plan, A-Z prophecy index, verse-by-verse commentary on the book of revelation, 1999 is approximate date because no date and no ISBN on box and book is shrink-wrapped, BIBLE, King James Version, Words of Christ in red, Revelation, prophecy, end times

New Third Edition


»  The Complete Guide to Every Prophecy Verse in the Bible A listing of all the prophetic verses in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation
» Now includes Daniel Final End Times Mysteries Unsealed A full commentary on the book of Daniel by Dr. Jack Van Impe.

» All the prophecy verses in the Bible shaded and identified.
»The majestic King James Version translation text in large print, with words of Christ in red.
A ribbon bookmarker.

» A special presentation page – perfect for gift-giving.
» An inspiring introductory message from Dr. Jack Van Impe.
» A Scripture memorization plan – designed by Dr. Van Impe to enable you to learn the Word of God more effectively than ever before.

» Dr. Van Impe’s own A to Z Prophecy Index – giving you easy, instant access to the Bible’s answers on the questions that concern you most.
» Dr. Van Impe’s fascinating verse-by-verse commentary on the book of Revelation.

biblical prophecy believes


»Televangelist Jack Van Impe believes in one particular interpretation of the literal meaning of the Bible King James Version states that according to Revelation 13, the single world political leader and a single world religious leader will emerge, but The Rapture will happen before either leader comes to power.

» He believes that the Bible teaches that the world will be organized into ten political subdivisions, based on the ten-district plan set up by the Club of Rome and that this ten-division world empire will be jointly ruled by the European Union and the Islamic world, which he believes are represented by the two iron legs of the prophetic dream statue in the Book of Daniel.

» Van Impe believes in the Prophecy of the Popes, and that according to said prophecy, Pope Francis is Peter the Roman, the predicted pope who will preside during Armageddon.

Jack Van Impe announcer

The start and end of the Van Impe broadcasts, as well as the pitches for his latest book or DVD, is by the bass-throated Chuck Ohman, a former trumpeter for Percy B. Crawford’s “Youth on the March” television broadcasts. Often on the Christmas themed broadcasts, he performs a religious song on his trumpet

Jack Van Impe Books  

Final Mysteries Unsealed
Alcohol: The Beloved Enemy
Revelation Revealed
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Prophesy

The Great Escape

israel final holocaust
millennium beginning or end
Gods promises of prophecy

Aids is for death
2001: on the edge of eternity
11:59 And counting
Escape the second death

the cost of discipleship
daily devotions: biblical inspirations
sabotaging the world church
sins explosion: revival or ruin

soul food: give us this daily
jack Impes prophecy bible 

Jack Van Impe Book Of Revelation

In Centuries before anyone could make sense of these fantastic warnings, the prophets declared that the mysteries of Revelation would not be understood until the Last Days. Verse by verse and chapter by chapter, Jack Van Impe, reviews John’s portrait of history’s final claims

Jack Van Impe Bible Memorization

Van Impe uses the King James version of the Bible. In 2017 Jack began referring to himself as a prophet and holy man, with a particular commission from the Holy Spirit to announce the return of Jesus Christ, a commission Jack attributed to his extensive memorization of Bible texts cited with chapter and verse

Jack Van Impe Church

Jack Van Impe Criticism

In 2001, Jack and Rexella Van Impe won the parodic Ig Nobel Prize in Astrophysics “for their discovery that black holes fulfill all the technical requirements to be the location of Hell.”

Jack Van Impe Education

Jack graduated from high school in 1948 and entered DetroitBible College (which later became William Tyndale College). He put himself through school by organizing concerts, rallies, and preaching to other students. He began his profession as a church preacher in 1948; earned his diploma in 1952.

Jack Van Impe Pets Go To Heaven

For anyone who has ever lost a beloved pet, Dr. Jack and Rexella Van Impe have good news! You will see your furry or feathered friends again – in heaven! Explore this exciting truth taught by twelve of the greatest Christian theologians.

Jack Van Impe On The Death Of Billy Graham

He rivals Billy Graham in his longevity and, in his knowledge of Scripture, he may be in a league of his own. He almost died in a hospital bed back in April, only to return six months later on Oct. 3 to share his back-from-the-brink story.

He is Jack Van Impe, is referred to the nickname walking bible. He earned the nickname for the way he quotes dozens of scriptures at dizzying speed over the course of a half-hour TV broadcast.

Jack Van Impe Home

Jack Van Impe Health/Jack Van Impe Illness

Televangelist Jack Leo Van Impe disclosed that he had undergone two total knee replacements in early 2006. He gave thanks to God for his recovery and for leading him to the “wonderful surgeon” who did the operation. Subsequent to the problems with his knees,

types of diseases he s suffering from

Van Impe has suffered from cancer, a severe sepsis attack, and blood loss resulting from holes burned through his stomach by his NSAID arthritis medication. On the program which aired the week of May 31, 2015. Van Impe was not present for the program, and Rexella reported that he was recovering from a serious surgery (triple by-pass) in the hospital. Carl Baugh co-hosted the program. Van Impe compared his colitis to the flood in the account of Noah’s Ark.

Van Impe returned to his weekly show on October 3, 2015, following successful rehabilitation from his triple by-pass heart surgery. On January 7, 2017, Rexella Van Impe announced that Jack Van Impe had broken his hip but was recovering. Carl Baugh co-hosted that program as well.

Jack Van Impe Broadcast

In Televangelist Jack Van Impe absence, Rexella Van Impe co-hosted the program with various guests: Carl Baugh Dave Williams Dr. Robert Jeffress, and Walt Sheppard. In April–May 2017, re-runs were aired until May 27, 2017, broadcast when Jack Van Impe reappeared beside Rexella. The couple announced that, under doctor’s advice, they were ending the TV broadcast. Thereafter, weekly videos were posted on the organization’s website.

later jack claimed that the reasons as to why he has stopped TV broadcasts was because he had lost 50,000 donors during his absence due to illness, In a message about bearing false witness, Jack claimed he only had enough funds to pay for 8 to 10 months of radio and TV broadcasts.

Jack Van Impe In A Coma

The information of him being in a coma is not known, Jack Impe is alive and sound.