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Tiana Bohner Biography

Tiana Bohner is an American journalist working as a multi-media journalist at FOX 5 News. She is usually on air during weekdays and weekends.

Initially, from Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, Tiana appreciates moving hula. She is eager to investigate all the ‘Ninth Island’ brings to the table. Tiana got her four-year college education in Journalism from Boston University. Originating from a major hockey school, she is glad to now be giving a shout out to the Golden Knights!

Tiana Bohner Age

She is from Honolulu, Hawaii. Information about her age will be updated soon.

Tiana Bohner Husband

Information about her marital life will be updated soon.

Tiana Bohner

Tiana Bohner FOX 5 News | Tiana Bohner CNN | Tiana Bohner KVVU

Tiana Bohner is a Multi-Media Journalist who can be seen giving an account of the weekdays and ends of the week for FOX5 News. Before joining the FOX5 group in January 2018, Tiana was a journalist at WCYB in the Tri-Cities, Tennessee, and Virginia.

While in the Tri-Cities, Tiana secured a few stories that increased national consideration, incorporating the savage rapidly spreading fires in Sevier County. She additionally finished the narcotic pandemic one of the hardest-hit areas.

During her three years in the Mountain Empire, Tiana was committed to sharing the accounts and battles of ordinary saints, basically veterans and firemen. Tiana likewise has involvement in newsrooms in Honolulu, Boston and at CNN in Atlanta.

Tiana got her four-year college education in Journalism from Boston University. Originating from a major hockey school, she is glad to now be giving a shout out to the Golden Knights!


Multimedia Journalist/Reporter
Company Name FOX 5 Vegas – KVVU
Dates Employed Jan 2018 – Present
Employment Duration 1 yrs 10 mos
Location Henderson, NV

Company Name NBC News
Total Duration 4 yrs 1 mo
Title Reporter/Producer – WCYB
Dates Employed Dec 2014 – Dec 2017
Employment Duration 3 yrs 1 mo
Location Bristol, Va.
-Pitch, shoot, edit, and write lead stories daily under tight deadlines for evening newscasts
-Do compelling live shots for breaking news, severe weather
-Develop sources in the community & enterprise stories ranging from investigative to human-interest pieces
-Fill-in produce dynamic evening newscasts as needed See less

Title Writer – WHDH
Dates Employed Dec 2013 – Nov 2014
Employment Duration 1 yr
Location Greater Boston Area
-Write scripts for the afternoon and nightly newscasts, and work with editors to cut the corresponding video
-Act as liaison between field reporters and newsroom, handle in-house work for reporters’ packages

Company Name Boston University
Total Duration 2 yrs 6 mos
Title Peer Counselor
Dates Employed Sep 2012 – May 2014
Employment Duration 1 yrs 9 mos
Location Greater Boston Area
-Review resumes, CVs and cover letters for BU students and alumni, across all majors & colleges
-Train and supervise new interns and assist career counselors at career fairs

Title Scarlet Speaker
Dates Employed Dec 2011 – May 2013
Employment Duration 1 yrs 6 mos
-Traveled to Hawaii to speak at receptions of approx. 200 as the student representative
-Spoke at weekly information sessions, alongside Admissions Directors on campus; audiences range from 20-400 visitors

Network Booking Intern
Company Name CNN
Dates Employed Jun 2013 – Aug 2013
Employment Duration 3 mos
Location Greater Atlanta Area
-Researched and pitched potential guests to booking producers across all platforms
-Pre-interviewed upcoming guests and created detailed profiles for anchors/reporters
-Updated and maintained Guestbook, a network-wide database for guests and scheduling

Special Projects Intern
Company Name WHDH-TV
Dates Employed Jan 2013 – May 2013
Employment Duration 5 mos
Location Greater Boston Area
-Shadowed the Special Projects producer in the field on local stories twice a week
-Logged tape and compiled footage for longer format political stories, including obituaries
-Researched stories for investigative and political producers/reporters

Vice President of Philanthropic Service (delta chapter)
Company Name Sigma Kappa Sorority
Dates Employed Jan 2012 – Dec 2012
Employment Duration 12 mos
Location Greater Boston Area
-Planned and executed two philanthropy events with attendance around 500 people at each, raising $5,000 for the Sigma Kappa Foundation
-Worked closely with New England Alzheimer’s Association to raise awareness and funds; organized chapter’s participation in Walk to End Alzheimer’s, raising $8,000 for the cause

Assignment Desk Intern
Company Name KHON-TV
Dates Employed Jun 2012 – Aug 2012
Employment Duration 3 mos
Location Honolulu, Hi.
-Reported on local news and conducted interviews, including for breaking coverage
-Researched leads, vetted story tips & logged tape
-Wrote scripts, formatted & published stories to the web and updated social media accounts
-Live Producer at the Kirk Caldwell mayoral campaign headquarters on election night

Sales Associate
Company Name Nordstrom
Dates Employed Jun 2011 – Aug 2012
Employment Duration 1 yrs 3 mos
-Attained and surpassed sales goal of selling $10,000 of merchandise weekly
-Assisted customers with styling and shopping across multiple departments

Research Assistant
Company Name Boston University School of Education
Dates Employed Sep 2011 – May 2012
Employment Duration 9 mos
-Measured multisyllabic word comprehension by administering tests to 3rd and 4th-grade students
-Compiled data to further analyze for indicators of development and learning style

Sales Associate
Company Name Gap Inc./Banana Republic
Dates Employed May 2011 – Aug 2011
Employment Duration 4 mos

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SPECIAL REPORT: Las Vegas baby undergoes third heart surgery

 Article by Tiana Bohner

Flood officials set to complete 100th basin in a booming part of Henderson

Flood officials in Southern Nevada are set to complete the 100th flood basin in a booming part of Henderson.

“We just hit the century mark on detention basins,” Steve Parrish said. He’s the general manager at Clark County Regional Flood Control District. “100 detention basins have been completed throughout Clark County. That’s a $1.9 billion dollar investment in flood control facilities.”

That flood basin is in Henderson off St. Rose Parkway. It’s an area that has seen a lot of growth — down a small road is a big project.

“Most of the year, you drive by these basins, it looks like someone just took a piece of desert, moved some dirt around, dry as a bone,” Clark County Commissioner Larry Brown said.

The valley’s 100th flood basin is nearly complete.

“I’ve not seen that maybe I have and I haven’t really noticed it,” Bruce Aguilera said.

“I wondered what that was,” Ken Struckman said. “I didn’t know what that was.”

The basin marks a milestone for the Clark County Regional Flood Control District, tasked with protecting the valley from dangerous floods.

“Well, you need stuff like that,” Aguilera said. “I remember the days, I’ve been here since the mid-80s, and I remember the floods we used to get all the time when it rained, the monsoon seasons.”

“Like we come down Volunteer to go to The M and it would flood there,” Terry Sawyers said. “The streets would be flooded.”

“With that, it’s just going to make things safe, better and just easier for everybody,” Struckman said.

Right now the area is still considered a flood zone. But flood officials said FEMA will remove that once it sees the finished product.

That means more value and reassurance for homeowners and businesses.

“You know a flood, you don’t see them very often,” Struckman said. “But the peace of mind, that’s what is important. You can sleep at night, not worry about anything and you know it’s taken care of.”

Once completed, the basin will be able to hold 500 million gallons of water.

“As long as they have the flood basin there and when they do new construction, they have adequate means to ensure flooding will not occur,” Aguilera said.

Regional Flood officials said while this marks number 100, it’s just one step in keeping up with our growing valley.

“Over the next couple of decades we’ll have to build close to 36 more detention basins, couple hundred more miles of channels,” Brown said. It’s like a big puzzle. That puzzle is not complete yet. As the valley grows, so does our system.”

The basin is 92% done and is set to be completed by the first week of September.

Regional Flood officials also shared a map of proposed basins.

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