TJ Thyne Biography, Age, Family, Paralyzed, Movies And Net Worth.

TJ Thyne Biography

TJ Thyne (Thomas Joseph Thyne)  is an American actor, writer, and producer born on 7th March 1975 in Boston, Massachusetts. He is known for his role as Dr. Jack Hodgins in Bones. He is the co-founder of Theatre Junkies foundation, a group offering workshops and professional development for actors in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

TJ Thyne Age

TJ was born on 7th March 1975 in Boston, Massachusetts (43 years as of 2018)

TJ Thyne Family

His parents are John J. Thyne Jr. and Cathy Thyne. He has five siblings two brothers John and Toney, an American television director, and three sisters Hazel, Katie, and Shelly.

TJ Thyne

TJ Thyne Wife – TJ Thyne Married

Thyne is not married but is engaged to Leah Park, a film actress known for her roles in movies such as Milf, Almighty Thor, and Adonis, on 30th December 2013. They began dating in 2010 and Thyne proposed to Leah outside a German Castle. Thyne was previously engaged to Michaela Conlin in 2007 but they separated in 2011.

TJ Thyne and Michaela Conlin

Thyne and Michaela Conlin, an American performing artist, got engaged in 2007 and their son Michael Vincent was born on 19th May 2011. The couple split up in 2011 after a four-year relationship.

TJ Thyne Education

Thyne attended East Ridge Middle School in Ridgefield, Connecticut, before moving south to attend high school in Plano, Texas. In 1997 he graduated from the USC School of Dramatic Arts with a BFA in Acting.

Theatre Junkies Productions

In 2001 he co-founded Theatre Junkies Productions, a supportive community of like-minded artists of all mediums who come together to inspire and create. It was first created as a motivational tool to help him and his friends figure out how best to build their careers as artists and actors. It later expanded becoming an entire school which offers motivation, voice, movement, on-camera, career and acting classes.

It later formed two branches one for classes and studio work and one for live theatre in and around the Los Angeles area, including Lee Blessing’s Two Rooms at the McCadden Place Theater and Craig Lucas’s Blue Window at the Stella Adler Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard. The company has since shifted its focus to primarily producing short and feature-length films.

The company has produced a number of short films, such as Slow, The Phone Book, and Validation ‘Validation’ has won more than 20 awards including “Best Comedy Short” and “Audience Choice”.

TJ Thyne Wheelchair | Paralysed

He is not paralyzed in real life and doesn’t use a wheelchair but his character Jack Hodgins in Bones became paralyzed in season 11 which prompted him to use a wheelchair.

In the mid-season finale in December Hodgins arrived at a crime scene to examine a body that had secretly been turned into a bomb. He seemed as tho he escaped the explosion unscathed but later collapsed after he was cleared by the doctors. The doctors later revealed that he was paralyzed from the waist down.

Tj Thyne Bones

He played the role of Jack Hodgins in Bones. He is an entomologist/forensic entomologist, as well as a botanist/forensic botanist, mineralogist/forensic mineralogist, a palynology/forensic palynologist, and a forensic chemist; conspiracy theories are his hobby. His work is to estimate the time of death and examining trace evidence and particulates.

TJ Thyne Career

Thyne wanted to be an actor at a young age, by the time he was a teenager and a young college freshman he had appeared in local commercials and several lead roles in plays, including The Secret Garden at the Dallas Theater Center and an off-Broadway production of Van Gogh at New York’s Mint Theater Company.

In 1998 he made his television debut through series such as Friends, Home Improvement and Dharma. He made his movie debut on a satirical comedy film called EDtv.

TJ Thyne Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Tj Thyne Height

He is 5.7feet/1.70m tall.

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