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Trey Yingst is an American seasoned political reporter and is a favorite amongst many of their viewers. He is known for his work on 90 Minutes of the Fever in 2016, Biscuits and Bullets in 2014 and Those Who Fight: A Call for Action in 2014.

He has reported from all around the world, such as Gaza, Uganda, Rwanda, Ukraine, Sweden, Charlotte, Baltimore, and Ferguson. Yingst work has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, CNN, and in the New York Times and the Washington Post. Also he a frequent news commentator on other networks such as HLN, BBC, and Canada’s CTV.

In 2014, he gave a TEDx talk at American University, titled (The Fourth Estate Through the First Person)in which he advocates for citizen journalists recording and sharing footage of newsworthy events as they happen to engage the audience with more empathy and emotion for the people involved.

He also co-founded the online media company News2Share with classmate Ford Fischer to collect and distribute first-hand footage and personal bystander accounts of newsworthy events. News2Share footage covers everything from local politics up to international conflicts.

Trey Yingst Age

Trey Yingst was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and attended American University in Washington, DC. Trey was born on September 1993.

He is 25 years old as of 2018. More details about his birth will be added soon. Since joining Fox News in August, Trey Yingst has reported on the Middle East from Jerusalem.

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Yingst was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and attended American University in Washington, DC. He quickly developed a professional interest in covering conflict zones and often would skip his classes to travel to where the fighting was thickest and report from there.

He once missed his final exams to cover the rioting in Baltimore. Also, he covered the Ferguson protests in 2014 and was arrested while doing so. After filing a suit with the ACLU, his charges were dropped and he was awarded $8500.

The money left over after covering his travel and legal fees was donated to a scholarship fund for aspiring journalists in the high schools around Ferguson.

He was the youngest member of the press to cover the fighting on the Gaza strip. In 2016, just weeks before Donald Trump was named the Republican presidential nominee for the 2016 election.

He graduated magna cum laude from American University with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism. He has not shared any details via social media regarding his parents. Soon we will update the details after the research is done.

Trey Yingst Wife

The details about his wife, Kids or love relation is still under review. We are going to post the details very soon after the results are ready.

Trey Yingst Images
Trey Yingst Images

Trey Yingst Net Worth

In August 2018, Yingst joined Fox News, as a Foreign Correspondent. Ass of 2019 he works at the Fox News Bureau in Jerusalem and does live reports.

He was ordered to move during Gaza protests by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) because protesters were throwing grenades and IEDs. In Jerusalem, he bureau chief Eli Fastman. His estimated net worth as of 2019, is still under review it will be updated soon after the result is ready.

Trey Yingst Fox News

Fox News Signs OANN White House Correspondent Trey Yingst as a Jerusalem-based Reporter

Fox News Channel has signed One America News Network chief White House correspondent Trey Yingst as a general assignment reporter based in Jerusalem.

Yingst will report to Fox News Jerusalem bureau chief Eli Fastman and starts his new role today.

“Trey’s experience covering stories overseas has given him an extensive understanding of the global news landscape. We are confident he will be a great asset to our international news team, covering top headlines worldwide,” Wallace said in a statement.

“I am excited to get back to my roots covering breaking news and international events from the Jerusalem bureau for the number one cable news channel,” Yingst added.

Despite working for a smaller, conservative cable news outlet that’s largely supportive of President Trump, the 23-year-old Yingst has garnered praise from a number of esteemed news outlets–including the Poynter Institute–for his tough questioning and coverage of the sitting administration.

Prior to joining One America News in June 2016, Yingst contributed to BBC News for two years where he reported on multiple breaking news events, including the police brutality protests in Baltimore, MD, and Ferguson, MO, making national headlines for his coverage of the latter.

He also contributed to Canada’s CTV News and co-founded News2Share, an online media outlet publishing stories and multimedia content from conflict zones, while he was still in college.

The signing comes just days after Fox News Jerusalem-based foreign correspondent Conor Powell left the network, reportedly because he was uncomfortable about the direction of the news organization over the past few months. “Fewer news shows. More opinion shows. Fewer resources for reporters to report,” he reportedly said.

Trey Yingst Trump Administration Work :

He wanted to appear on air as soon as possible in his career and had little patience for working his way up from local news to the national level. He found his opportunity with One America News Network, a smaller right-wing cable TV network, where he became chief White House correspondent at the age of 23.

Yingst got to know former White House press secretary Sean Spicer during the transition between administrations, which was beneficial for Yingst during White House press briefings. He has a reputation for extracting answers from White House press secretaries when no other journalist in the room can.

Footage of questions he has asked “especially his questions about Russia’s alleged involvement with the US presidential election” and the answers given to him by press secretaries are often incorporated into the larger news cycle and have been featured on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Trey Yingst Articles

Jared Kushner says successful Mideast peace plan will be ‘Iran’s worst nightmare’ — MANAMA, Bahrain – In a rare interview, senior Trump administration adviser Jared Kushner spoke about his involvement in the Middle East peace process and what the administration hopes to accomplish.

“What we tried to do is focus on what are the things that we want to achieve over a period of time and that we worked on a plan for how to do it,” Kushner told Fox News.

Reporter’s notebook: Inside Hezbollah’s attack tunnels — JERUSALEM — The Israeli military slowly lowers our crew underground using repurposed climbing equipment. Inside a steel tube, looking down hundreds of feet, the entrance to a Hezbollah attack tunnel is seen.

The air is thin and it’s noticeably hotter as we progress deeper into the structure, at one point the Lebanese border is just a few feet away.

Reporter’s Notebook: Rocket fire lands near Fox News crew as it reported on Israel-Hamas violence ISRAEL-GAZA BORDER — Rockets from the Gaza Strip streamed through the sky above our crew. And then, flashes of light. Bang. Bang. Bang, we heard, as Israel’s missile defense system, the Iron Dome, intercepted some of the launches.

This round of conflict between Israel and Gaza was underway. Just before 6 p.m. local time, the Israeli Air Force began pounding Gaza with airstrikes in response to a rocket being fired into central Israel earlier in the day.

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