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Alexandra Koehn Biography, Age, Husband, WTVF5 News, and Net Worth

Alexandra Koehn Biography

Alexandra Koehn is an American journalist working as a news reporter for WTVF5 News. Prior to finding some work at WBND, Alexandra went to the University of Georgia procuring a Digital and Broadcast Journalism degree with a minor in Spanish.

During her time at UGA Alexandra was gotten by ESPNU as a grounds association understudy correspondent. She was likewise a live games assistant for covering a great deal of Georgia Bulldawg baseball and tennis.

She’s eager to come to some football match-ups now that she’s back in the grimy south. Alexandra likewise interned at Inside Edition through interfacing with Tridelta sorority sister Deborah Norville.

In particular, Alexandra’s first temporary position was with NewsChannel5’s Talk of the Town. She fell head over heels not entirely settled to return.

Alexandra Koehn
Alexandra Koehn

In her leisure time, Alexandra loves to chip in. She has been on a few mission trips where she’s worked with vagrants in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.

Alexandra Koehn WTVF5 News

Alexandra returned home to Nashville subsequent to spending a few winters persevering through lake impact snow as a one-lady show in Notre Dame Country and Southwestern Michigan.

She experienced childhood in Nashville and owes a lot of her schooling to the sisters at St. Cecilia High School and the staff at St. Paul Christian Academy.

At WBND in South Bend, IN Alexandra was assigned for a very long time grants for a Michigan jailbreak, a story on a disputable pizza joint, and climate inclusion. As the Michigan beat columnist, Alexandra uncovered a government examination concerning a lead decrease program subsequent to finding that $2,000,000 of administrative award cash was absent or lost.

Alexandra likewise assisted with sports in South Bend. A feature was covering the Notre Dame Men’s ball group in March Madness as they went to the Sweet 16 and progressed to the Elite 8 competition.

She was additionally important for an experimental run program to test another live rucksack that she would plug into her camera to go live on TV.

As a “media columnist” she can shoot, compose, alter, and report on her own accounts. She invests heavily in the way that she independently covered Benton Harbor, Michigan which at one once of the most perilous urban communities in America.

WTVF5 News Team

  1. Vicki Yates
  2. Phil Williams
  3. Amy Watson
  4. Lelan Statom
  5. Bree Smith
  6. Carrie Sharp
  7. Rebecca Schleicher
  8. Forrest Sanders
  9. Max Sanders
  10. Henry Rothenberg
  11. Meryll Rose
  12. Nikki-Dee Ray
  13. Hannah McDonald
  14. Olivia Michael
  15. Heather Mathis
  16. Casie Mason
  17. Emily Luxen
  18. Steve Layman
  19. Jason Lamb
  20. Jennifer Kraus
  21. Claire Kopsky
  22. Rhori Johnston
  23. Cole Johnson
  24. Levi Ismail
  25. Kyle Horan
  26. Ben Hill
  27. Ben Hall
  28. Kelsey Gibbs
  29. Chris Davis
  30. Tuwanda Coleman
  31. Aaron Cantrell
  32. Jon Burton
  33. Nick Beres

Alexandra Koehn Age

She experienced childhood in Nashville. Information about her age will be updated as soon as possible.

Alexandra Koehn Husband

Information about her husband will be updated as soon as possible.

Alexandra Koehn Height

She is approximately 5’5” tall.

Alexandra Koehn Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of between $1 million and $5 million.

Alexandra Koehn Twitter

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