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Chris Lambert WHDH 7 News, Biography, Age, Wife, and Net Worth

Unveiling Chris Lambert: A Trusted Voice in Journalism at WHDH 7 News

Chris Lambert WHDH 7
Chris Lambert WHDH 7


Chris Lambert stands as a distinguished figure in the realm of broadcast journalism, renowned for his insightful reporting, integrity, and dedication to informing the public at WHDH 7 News. With a career marked by a commitment to excellence and a passion for storytelling, Lambert has earned the trust and respect of audiences across Massachusetts and beyond. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the life, career, and impact of Chris Lambert, shedding light on his remarkable contributions to the field of journalism.

Early Life and Education:

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Chris Lambert’s journey in journalism began with a deep-seated curiosity about the world and a desire to shine a light on important issues. His formative years were shaped by a love for storytelling and a commitment to uncovering the truth behind the headlines.

Lambert pursued his academic endeavors at esteemed institutions, earning degrees in journalism and communications. His education provided him with the foundational skills and insights necessary to navigate the complexities of the modern media landscape with precision and purpose.

Career Trajectory:

Chris Lambert’s illustrious career in journalism began as he embarked on a journey of discovery and storytelling excellence. His early experiences in the field laid the groundwork for his future success, instilling in him a deep appreciation for the power of journalism to effect positive change in society.

Over the years, Lambert’s career has taken him to the frontlines of some of the most pressing issues facing communities in Massachusetts and beyond. From political upheaval to social justice movements, his reporting has garnered critical acclaim for its depth, insight, and unwavering commitment to journalistic integrity.

Passion for Community Engagement:

Beyond his role as a journalist, Chris Lambert is deeply committed to fostering meaningful connections with the community and amplifying diverse voices. His reporting often shines a spotlight on issues of inequality, discrimination, and systemic injustice, challenging viewers to confront uncomfortable truths and strive for positive change.

Lambert’s genuine empathy and passion for community engagement have resonated with audiences around the state, inspiring meaningful dialogue and collective action. Whether reporting from the frontlines of breaking news events or giving voice to marginalized communities, he remains dedicated to using his platform to effect positive change in society.

Recognition and Impact:

Throughout his career, Chris Lambert’s contributions to journalism have been widely recognized and celebrated by colleagues, peers, and industry professionals alike. His commitment to excellence, integrity, and empathy have earned him numerous awards and accolades, cementing his status as a respected voice in the field.

As a trusted correspondent at WHDH 7 News, Lambert’s impact extends far beyond the confines of the newsroom, shaping the way audiences engage with and understand the world around them. His dedication to truth, integrity, and storytelling excellence has left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of viewers, inspiring meaningful dialogue and driving positive change in society.


In conclusion, Chris Lambert’s journey from aspiring journalist to esteemed correspondent at WHDH 7 News reflects a remarkable dedication to the principles of truth, integrity, and storytelling excellence. His unwavering commitment to journalistic integrity and the pursuit of truth has made him a trusted source of information and inspiration for audiences across Massachusetts and beyond.

As he continues to navigate the ever-changing landscape of journalism, Chris Lambert remains a beacon of integrity and excellence, shaping the future of storytelling and news reporting for generations to come. Through his passion, empathy, and unwavering dedication to the craft, he leaves an enduring legacy of journalistic excellence, inspiring audiences to seek truth, foster understanding, and engage in meaningful dialogue about the issues that matter most.

Chris Lambert Age

He grew up in Westwood, MA. Information about his age will be updated as soon as possible.

Chris Lambert Wife

He is a married man and has two daughters with his wife. Information about his wife will be updated as soon as possible.

Chris Lambert Height

He is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Chris Lambert Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Chris Lambert Biography

Chris Lambert is an American journalist working as a meteorologist for WHDH 7 News. Lambert is eager to come to 7News as a returning New England local. He experienced childhood in Westwood, MA, and has been intrigued by New England’s climate as far as he can recollect.

While most children watched Saturday morning kid’s shows, Chris can’t escape the Weather Channel, and sadly for his more youthful sibling, that implied it was the “nearby on the 8’s” and not the Ninja Turtles.

Chris proceeded to move on from Penn State with a degree in Meteorology in 2003 preceding working for AccuWeather.

At the point when he’s not working, Chris can be found at the edge of his seat watching a Sox or Pats game and at times seen at the rec center or on a fairway.

Chris Lambert WHDH 7 News

Past stops additionally incorporate Bangor, ME, and most as of late Fort Myers, FL. En route, Chris has procured the CBM seal that he conveys back to Boston and he anticipates the difficulties that New England weather conditions bring

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