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Jane Pauley Biography, Age, Husband, CBS News, NBC News, and Net Worth

Jane Pauley Biography

Jane Pauley is an American TV journalist and author reporting since 1972. She was born on October 31st, 1950 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

She was the second child of Richard and Mary Pauley. She attended Warren Central High School in Indianapolis and then attended Indiana University after graduating from high school in 1968.

While at the university, she majored in political science. She started her career at WISH-TV in 1972. She is married to a cartoonist, Garry Trudeau who is the creator of Doonesbury, on June 4th, 1980.

The couple has 3 children and 2 grandchildren. She now serves on the Board of Directors for a Children’s Health Fund in New York City. She is also on the Board of Directors for The Mind Trust which is a non-profit organization based in Indianapolis that supports education innovation and reforms.

Jane Pauley
Jane Pauley

Jane Pauley Books

She has written the following books;

  • Your Life Calling: Reimagining the Rest of Your Life
  • Skywriting: A Life Out of the Blue

Jane Pauley Bipolar

She disclosed that she was suffering from bipolar disorder three and this was a result of anti-depressants and steroids she had been taking. Jane would go into wild mood swings. This led up to her being admitted to a psychiatric hospital for three weeks.

Jane Pauley Dateline NBC

On March 31, 1992, NBC propelled Dateline, its eighteenth endeavor at a newsmagazine. Pauley co-tied down Dateline from 1992 to 2003 alongside Stone Phillips.

Dateline made its own news on February 9, 1993, when toward the part of the bargain planned version of Dateline, Pauley, and Phillips conveyed an open expression of remorse to General Motors for the benefit of NBC as a component of the settlement of a claim in regards to the inability to unveil the utilization of a combustible gadget in an anecdote about the wellbeing of a General Motors pickup truck which broadcast on Dateline on November 17, 1992.

Neither Pauley nor Phillips had any association with the section; an interior examination brought about the renunciation of the NBC News president, alongside the rejection of Dateline’s official maker and others engaged with the GM story. Dateline endure, proceeded to flourish, and at one point was reporting in real-time five evenings every week.

Notwithstanding her Dateline obligations, Pauley additionally tied down Time and Again, a half-hour show airing on then-youngster MSNBC that related real news stories with film from the NBC News files.

In 2003, Pauley astounded NBC by declining to renegotiate her lapsing contract. Clarifying her choice, Pauley said at the time, “I think ladies contemplate cycles, natural and individual. This year another cycle came around: my agreement was fulfilled. It appeared to be a chance to end a real existence review. I continue strolling by book shops and seeing titles discussing second acts throughout everyday life.”

Jane Pauley The Jane Pauley Show

Unexpectedly, Pauley’s choice to leave Dateline brought about the idea of a daytime television show. In 2004, Pauley came back to TV as host of The Jane Pauley Show, a syndicated daytime television show dispersed by NBC Universal. Despite the fact that The Jane Pauley Show never picked up footing in the appraisals and was dropped after one season, Pauley considered it the hardest – and proudest – a year of her expert life. “To have a go at something that you’ve fizzled at is, in my experience, demonstrating that you had the guts to attempt.”

That year Pauley propelled her syndicated program, she distributed her smash hit diary, Skywriting: A Life Out of the Blue, wherein she made open her finding of bipolar issue. Pauley is cited as saying her choice to speak straightforwardly about the confusion is “the least demanding choice I at any point made.”

In the release of January 20, 2014, of Time magazine she says “Some portion of my promotion isn’t discussing the shame. It’s genuine, yet it doesn’t help push us ahead. My other message is, I take my prescriptions consistently. No occasions. I’ve not had a repeat.”

Following the show’s undoing, Pauley’s appearances on TV included driving a half-hour exchange on PBS’s Depression: Out of the Shadows, which disclosed in May 2008. She likewise battled freely for President Obama in her home province of Indiana in 2008, a year when she was not subsidiary with any system news association.

Jane Pauley CBS News

On April 27, 2014, after an appearance during a “where are they presently” section and meeting on CBS Sunday Morning, Pauley started adding to the show as a reporter and periodic substitute host. Pauley has been a visitor have on CBS This Morning and has additionally filled in for Scott Pelley on the CBS Evening News.

It was reported on September 25, 2016, that Pauley would take over as host of CBS Sunday Morning following the retirement of Charles Osgood. “We initially became more acquainted with Jane when we did an anecdote about her on Sunday Morning,” said Rand Morrison, the show’s official maker, in an announcement.

“Our watchers quickly reacted by recommending she had a place on Sunday Morning forever. What’s more, – as is so regularly the case, they were correct. She’s a committed, experienced communication columnist. In any case, – just as significant – she’s a pleasure to work with. A commendable successor – and an ideal fit.” Pauley started her job as a host on October 9, 2016, about 40 years to the day since her presentation on Today.

Jane Pauley Today Show

Pauley co-facilitated the Today appear from 1976 to December 29, 1989; first with Tom Brokaw from 1976 to December 1981 and after that with Bryant Gumbel starting January 4, 1982. She likewise secured the Sunday release of NBC Nightly News from 1980 to 1982.

Following in the strides of the principal female co-anchor of the show, Barbara Walters, she turned into an image for expert ladies, and all the more explicitly, female writers. In 1983, in the wake of bringing forth twins following an open pregnancy, Pauley turned into a good example to working moms.

In her life account, And So It Goes, Pauley’s partner Linda Ellerbee stated, “She [Pauley] is the thing that I need to be the point at which I grow up.” The Detroit Free Press composed on September 27, 1989, that Jane Pauley here and there speaks to the best of ladies in TV, that she never paid attention to it as well, that she knew the contrast among TV and reality, and that her family checked more than her appraisals.

1989 carried huge changes to Today when news peruser Deborah Norville was given a bigger job in the two hours communication. Theory in the media inferred that NBC administrators were backing Pauley out to propel the more youthful NBC anchorperson.

As Tom Shales of The Washington Post composed at the time, watching Ms. Pauley, Ms. Norville, and co-anchor Bryant Gumbel on the set together “resembles taking a gander at a messed up marriage with the home-wrecker in that spot on the premises.”

Pauley, who had been pondering a change, planning to invest more energy with her three youngsters, requested to settle her agreement, however, NBC declined. In October 1989, after delayed exchanges, Pauley declared that, following 13 years, she would leave the Today appear in December, however would before long start taking a shot at different tasks at NBC.

Open response in the midst of the recognition that Pauley was being thrown away for a more youthful lady was quick and noteworthy. As The New York Times gave an account of February 26, 1990, in the three weeks since January 26, the Today show lost 10 percent of its group of spectators.

Since Jane Pauley left as co-host and Deborah Norville supplanted her, the Today show had tumbled from its administration position in the challenge among the three system morning shows to an inaccessible second place, just about a full evaluating point behind ABC’s Good Morning America.

July 23, 1990, New York Magazine article entitled “Once more From the Brink, Jane Pauley Has Become America’s Favorite Newswoman” announced that from February 1989 to February 1990, Today encountered evaluations droop of 22% and the expense to the system and its subsidiaries was assessed by one insider at near $10 million for the year.

After Pauley reported she was leaving Today, she got in excess of 4000 letters of help, including one from Michael Kinsley, at that point of The New Republic, which blessed her “courageous woman of my age. The principal Baby Boomer attempted to persuade to retire … and fizzled.”

Pauley’s picture was kept running on the front of numerous magazines those months, including the December 1989 front of Life magazine with the feature “Our Loss, Her Dream: How Jane Pauley got what she needed – time for her children, prime time for herself”. New York Magazine named her “The Loved One” on its July 23, 1990 spread.

Continuously fascinated by change, Pauley’s arrival to the air on NBC came as a primetime exceptional fittingly titled “Changes: Conversations with Jane Pauley,” which circulated on March 13, 1990. As she said during the presentation, “Change isn’t constantly an alternative.

Change isn’t generally the correct decision. Be that as it may, change is quite often the most intriguing.” According to The Washington Post, March 15, 1990, the one-hour communication won its 10 p.m. vacancy Tuesday with a 13.3 national Nielsen rating and a 24 percent group of spectators share.

In 1990, Pauley co-facilitated the 42nd Primetime Emmy Awards, nearby Candice Bergen and Jay Leno, and started to fill in as a substitute anchor for NBC Nightly News.

The achievement of Changes sired five one-hour specials the late spring of 1990 called “Genuine with Jane Pauley”. They were likewise evaluation hits, and in January 1991 NBC propelled the half-hour arrangement Real Life with Jane Pauley on Sunday evenings. The show was dropped after one season in October 1991.

In March 2009, Pauley came back to the Today appear as a benefactor facilitating a week by week section, “Your Life Calling,” supported by AARP, which profiled individuals all through the nation age 50+ who were reexamining their lives in new and various ways. The honor winning arrangement was reported in real-time through 2013 and finished in Pauley’s second New York Times hit, Your Life Calling: Reimagining the Rest of Your Life.

On December 30, 2013, Pauley, previous Today co-host Bryant Gumbel, previous Today anchor Matt Lauer, and current climate anchor Al Roker (who was live in Pasadena, California) rejoined to co-host an exceptional get-together version of Today.

Jane Pauley Age

She was born on October 31st, 1950 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

Jane Pauley Husband

She is married to a cartoonist, Garry Trudeau who is the creator of Doonesbury, on June 4th, 1980. The couple has 3 children and 2 grandchildren.

Jane Pauley Children

She has two sons and one daughter; Ross Trudeau, Thomas Trudeau, and Rachel Trudeau.

Jane Pauley Twins

She has twins; Rachael and Ross Trudeau.

Jane Pauley Grandchildren

The information will be updated soon.

Jane Pauley Height

She is 1.62 m tall.

Jane Pauley Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $40 million.


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