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Keith Murphy Biography, Age, Wife, WHO 13 News, and Net Worth

Keith Murphy Biography

Keith Murphy is an American journalist working as a sports director for WHO 13 News. Keith wedded his best friend, Jenny. They mixed families to make an advanced Brady Bunch, just with all young men and no AstroTurf, however,

Keith wishes he had it so he’d never need to cut. Who are we joking… with six young men he will not need to cut until he’s 60. Whenever the Murphys aren’t cutting, they’re playing sports or computer games, watching films, and pulling tricks.

You can peruse Keith’s perspectives on everything all through sports on his famous blog, Murphy’s Law. It’s refreshed at consistently.

Keith Murphy WHO 13 News

Murphy joined the Channel 13 newsgroup in 1996 and helped change what watchers anticipate from our neighborhood sports inclusion. The old banality is valid, it’s not simply scores and features with Keith. Sportscasts are frequently fun, quite often stubborn, and now and again, provocative.

Keith Murphy

Murphy has won Iowa Sportscaster of the Year and secured the Emmy, Associated Press, and IBNA decisions for “Best Sportscast ” various times. He’s won Murrow and Sevareid grants for extraordinary games announcing.

Keith additionally realizes individuals don’t watch sportscasts since somebody won honors, however, he trusts it dazzles lifelong companions and cohorts when they Google his name.

As well as mooring sports in the Channel 13 News at Six and Ten, Keith has Iowa’s most-watched and discussed the games-based show, SoundOFF with Keith Murphy and Andy Fales, Sunday evenings inhabit 10:35.

SoundOFF is an intuitive show where the fans have a voice, or in any event, a console. sound off, on a decent evening, is both enlightening and engaging, in any event, for non-sports devotees.

No one can really tell what you’ll hear, for sure will occur, and it normally goes past games and wanders into an amusement and mainstream society.

SoundOFF as of late praised its 800th show. SoundOFF is presently in its seventeenth year, with more people watching than any other time, and it continues to win grants. We’re amazed as well.

Prior to joining Channel 13, Murphy was Sports Director at WOI-TV in Des Moines, where as well as mooring sportscasts, he gave in-depth to Cyclone b-ball on ESPN and the Iowa – Iowa State football match-up on ABC provincial TV.

WHO 13 News Team

  1. Ed Wilson
  2. Jannay Towne
  3. Calyn Thompson
  4. Justin Surrency
  5. Taj Simmons
  6. John Sears
  7. Megan Salois
  8. Jeriann Ritter
  9. Roger Riley
  10. Megan Reuther
  11. Dave Price
  12. Natalie Paynter
  13. Cinthia Naranjo
  14. Brett McIntyre
  15. Jodi Long
  16. Erin Kiernan
  17. Stephanie Johnson
  18. Mark Freund
  19. Zach Fisher
  20. Andy Fales
  21. Amber Alexander
  22. Dan Winters

Keith Murphy Age

Information about his age will be updated as soon as possible.

Keith Murphy Wife

He married his best friend Jenny Murphy.

Keith Murphy Height

He is 5 feet, 8 inches tall.

Keith Murphy Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of between $1 million and $5 million.

Keith Murphy Instagram

Keith Murphy Twitter

CLICK HERE to visit his Twitter page.

Keith Murphy Facts

  • I worked at Walt Disney World in High School.
  • The first time I ever lost a foot race, it was to a girl. (I’m looking at you, Blanche Wiggins.)
  • I’ve read the sports section, while eating breakfast, with the paper propped between my cereal bowl and a gallon of milk for as long as I can remember.
  • I’ve had neck, shoulder, knee, and nose surgery—all from sports-related injuries.
  • I moved to broadcast after a bad concussion at college football practice my freshman year. Future NFL All-Pro Jessie Tuggle knocked the snot out of me. He’s a nice guy though, and I probably had it coming.
  • I once had a fly land in my mouth during a sportscast. I coughed it up, and laughed so hard, we had to go to a commercial. Fortunately, there was no “YouTube” then.
  • I once high jumped 6′ 4″. I also once threw two interceptions in a quarter.
  • I worked at a movie theater for more than three years. My friends and I often stayed until sun-up watching films.
  • I often drink a glass of half diet Pepsi/half milk. It tastes like a root beer float.
  • I was “promoted” to the news early in my career, but couldn’t get out fast enough after covering the Gainesville Ripper murders in 1990. I often get emails from viewers after they’ve seen old film footage of me on a national story about the killings. I’m the guy (with more hair) who looks like he should be doing sports.
  • I’m actually shy. I’m an introvert who plays an extrovert on television.
  • I was an Altar Boy who laughed too much, a Cub Scout who couldn’t tie knots, and a news anchor who loved sports.
  • I was benched an entire game in the local Little League World Series for throwing my bat in anger after striking out. The following year I won the sportsmanship trophy. Thank you, coach Hutchinson.


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