Meryll Rose Biography

Meryll Rose is an American journalist working as an anchor for WTVF5 News. Meryll is an alum of Hillsboro High School in Nashville, and the College of Communications at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

Meryll found her first occupation after graduation as a correspondent and end of the week anchor at WRCB-TV in Chattanooga. Meryll remains effectively engaged with the local area, addressing school, church, and city gatherings.

She is a soloist with her congregation ensemble and likes to revamp old houses. Meryll and her better half, Dan have two kids.

Meryll Rose WTVF5 News

Rose has been a recognizable face to Nashville audience members for a long time, as the co-host of NewsChannel 5’s top-of-the-line noontime show, “All the rage.”

Meryll Rose

After a year in Chattanooga, Meryll got back to being the co-host of Nashville’s first magazine show, “PM Magazine.” She additionally filled in as the maker of that show, until the open door emerged to foster another amusement show for partnership.

Meryll joined Jim Owens Entertainment as the maker of the week-by-week series “This Week in Country Music,” which turned into the well-known TNN series “Hooligan and Chase,” which she additionally delivered.

Meryll joined the NewsChannel 5 group in 1987 as the Executive Producer of “All the rage.” She co-moored NewsChannel 5’s Weekend Morning Report for a considerable length of time, prior to being named to her present situation as co-host of TOTT.

WTVF5 News Team

  1. Vicki Yates
  2. Phil Williams
  3. Amy Watson
  4. Lelan Statom
  5. Bree Smith
  6. Carrie Sharp
  7. Rebecca Schleicher
  8. Forrest Sanders
  9. Max Sanders
  10. Henry Rothenberg
  11. Nikki-Dee Ray
  12. Hannah McDonald
  13. Olivia Michael
  14. Heather Mathis
  15. Casie Mason
  16. Emily Luxen
  17. Steve Layman
  18. Jason Lamb
  19. Jennifer Kraus
  20. Claire Kopsky
  21. Alexandra Koehn
  22. Rhori Johnston
  23. Cole Johnson
  24. Levi Ismail
  25. Kyle Horan
  26. Ben Hill
  27. Ben Hall
  28. Kelsey Gibbs
  29. Chris Davis
  30. Tuwanda Coleman
  31. Aaron Cantrell
  32. Jon Burton
  33. Nick Beres

Meryll Rose Age

Information about her age will be updated as soon as possible.

Meryll Rose Husband

She is married to Dan Elkins and the couple has two kids together.

Meryll Rose Height

She is approximately 5’6” tall.

Meryll Rose Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of between $1 million and $5 million.

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Meryll Rose Twitter

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