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Shauna Parsons Biography, Age, Husband, FOX 12 News, and Net Worth

Shauna Parsons
Shauna Parsons

Shauna Parsons Age

Shauna Parsons was born in 1970. She is 50 years old as of 2020.

Shauna Parsons Husband

She has been married to Ivan McAffee since 1997. The couple has two children together, a boy and a girl.

Shauna Parsons Height

She is 5 feet 6 inches tall.

Shauna Parsons Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Shauna Parsons Instagram

Shauna Parsons Twitter

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Shauna Parsons Biography

Shauna Parsons is an American journalist working as an anchor for FOX 12 News. Shauna and her family moved to Portland in 2000, when her child was as yet a baby.

Her girl was born before long, and she and her family have delighted in making the full change to genuine Oregonians.

Parsons attended and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from Brigham Young University. She is also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Obviously, this implies they invite the beginning of the stormy season every year, and they infrequently convey umbrellas. They likewise drink a lot of fermented teas. Indeed, they are “those” individuals.

Shauna Parsons FOX 12 News

Parsons used to be an evening person. In any case, presently, as an anchor on the Emmy grant-winning Good Day Oregon every morning on FOX 12, she is a pleased ambitious person.

Reward: she gets a tranquil house to herself each end of the week as her family stays in bed, and can marathon watch the entirety of the shows that please after her sleep time, in harmony!

Shauna began her vocation at KSTU-Fox 13 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She’ll always remember the second when, as an understudy, her News Director inquired as to whether she could report.

Her reaction, “Yes I can!” She began detailing while at the same time functioning as a substitute educator to cover the bills. When her temporary position was finished, she was authoritatively employed as a correspondent, which at that point prompted a task as an end of the week anchor, prior to dispatching that station’s first-morning report.

Shauna went through the initial 13 years in Portland securing the 10 O’Clock News with Wayne Garcia, prior to progressing from late evenings to early nights, solo anchoring the 5 and 6 O’Clock reports.

Eventually, Shauna returned to her morning roots and joined the Good Day Oregon group. She joins Kimberly Maus, Andy Carson, and Tony Martinez every morning from 4:30 to 9 am.

While conveying breaking news and significant data to her watchers is her main concern, Shauna’s number one minutes on the set every day are the genuine minutes that frequently lead to giggling with her work family.

At the point when not on the set, Shauna loves to peruse (she’s a glad individual from a Book Club), travel with her family, and investigate Portland’s astounding cafés.

She’s likewise been known to jump in front of an audience with her companion’s live karaoke band and sing a tune or two. (She may subtly accept she missed her calling as a demigod).

For reasons unknown, Shauna invests a ton of energy messaging to and from Kimberly Maus. They obviously don’t get sufficient time together, in the wake of sitting close to one another on the set for 4 and a half hours every day.

Make certain to follow Shauna on Instagram, on the grounds that she adores creating Instagram stories and giving watchers in the background looks into her group’s on-the-set antics.


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