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Darren Brass Bio, Age, Wife, Diabetes, Tattoo, Miami Ink, Net Worth

Darren Brass Biography

Darren Brass (Darren Collarado Brass) is an American tattoo artist and entrepreneur. He was featured in the reality television show Miami Ink where he showcased his artwork. He is also the co-founder of children’s clothing line Ruthless & Toothless.

Darren Brass Age

Brass was born on January 22, 1972, in Waterbury, Connecticut, US (46 years as of 2018).

Darren Brass Wife

He is married to Talea brass and Carolina Brass.

Darren Brass Son

Darren has a son Cassius Avery Brass. “Being a Dad has pushed me to work even harder at everything that I do and show my son that the hard work pays off.”

Darren Brass

Darren Brass Tattoo

He was introduced to tattooing by one of his friends. He cites Chris Garver, Joe Vegas, Bob Roberts, and Ed Hardy as his influences. His personal style is based on creating designs that are based on Traditional and Japanese tattooing.

“I was the kid in school who was constantly drawing on my desk, notebooks and anything that I could leave a mark on. As a kid, I loved comics, the funnies in the Sunday paper and I was glued to the TV watching cartoons for hours. With the music scenes, like the New York Hardcore music scene, there were tattoos everywhere, on everyone.

Bands like the Cro Mags and Agnostic Front really made an impression on me. That’s when I realized that I wanted to get tattooed. All my friends were getting tattooed and with that everyone was asking when I was going to start tattooing. At first, I fought the idea of tattooing, but one day I just decided that it was the next move that I had to make with my art and the evolution of.”

In 2010 Brass alongside Chris Garver, Yoji Harada & James Hamilton co-founded Ruthless & Toothless, a cloth line for babies that specializes in infant, toddler & clothing.

Darren Brass Miami Ink

Darren was featured in the reality television show Miami Ink on TLC where he showcased his artwork. The show premiered in July 2005 until its final season in 2008. Prior to the show airing the shop opened in 2004 and was called 305 Ink and was later changed to Love Hate Tattoo. A number of customers were featured in each episode where they gave their backstories and motivations for choosing their tattoos.

Darren Brass Diabetes

Darren was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1972 when he was barely 18 months old. He went into a hyperglycaemic coma for several days before he was tested for blood sugar. Darren has defied the stereotype that diabetics can’t have tattoos as his body is covered with tattoos.

“I’ve never had a problem healing, and I attribute that to the fact that I take care of myself. I understand the foods that I’m eating and the effect they have on my body, and I exercise regularly. Sure, I can have dessert, but I’m only going to take a couple of bites. You don’t have to go without, just keep in mind what you’re doing.”

Darren, however, credits the Omnipod for making life as an artist with diabetes much easier.

“It changed my life completely. It makes me more aware of the carbs I’m eating, and there’s no wires or tubing. I had always avoided the pumps because of the tubing. I wish I’d gone for a pump earlier but I just couldn’t take the leap, mentally.”

Darren Brass Net worth

He has an estimated net worth of $100K-1M.

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