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Jordan Yaney Biography, Age, Wife, WFIE14 News, and Net Worth

Jordan Yaney Biography

Jordan Yaney is an American journalist working as a weekend reporter/anchor for WFIE14 News. Jordan graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Sports Marketing from Anderson University.

While not in the newsroom, he is likely watching his favorite sports teams, the Indiana Pacers, the Cincinnati Reds, or the Tennessee Titans.

Jordan also enjoys watching movies and connecting with family and friends. An Indianapolis area native, Jordan enjoys the warmer climate and the chance to connect with the many people of the Tri-State area and help tell their stories.

Jordan Yaney WFIE14 News

Yaney joined the 14 Newsgroup in 2021 as a columnist. He is eager to be in the Tri-State covering significant news. During his time at AU, he facilitated and created an honor-winning games show and was the games editorial manager for the grounds paper.

Jordan Yaney
Jordan Yaney

He filled in as an assistant for WISH-TV in Indianapolis, where he covered the 2021 NCAA men’s ball competition and Final Four in Indianapolis.

WFEI14 News Team

  1. Aaron Hancock
  2. Tamar Sher
  3. Arden Gregory
  4. Byron Douglas
  5. Jeff Lyons
  6. Jamee French
  7. Mitchell Carter
  8. Robinson Miles
  9. Lesya Feinstein
  10. Brady Williams
  11. Jessica Costello
  12. Samantha Johnson
  13. Tanner Holbrook
  14. Shaelie Clark
  15. Randy Moore
  16. Jackie Monroe

Jordan Yaney Age

He is originally from Indianapolis. Information about his age will be updated as soon as possible.

Jordan Yaney Wife

He enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Information about his wife will be updated as soon as possible.

Jordan Yaney Height

He is approximately 5’9” tall.

Jordan Yaney Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of between $100, 000 and $1 million.

Jordan Yaney Twitter

CLICK HERE to visit his Twitter page.


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