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Michael Doudna Biography, Age, Wife, KPNX 12 News, and Net Worth

Michael Doudna Biography

Michael Doudna is an American journalist working as a news reporter for KPNX 12 News. Doudna is a graduate of the University of Missouri, earning dual degrees in journalism and political science.

Michael Doudna KPNX 12 News

Doudna is a correspondent/multi-talented columnist for 12 News. Doudna joined 12 News in June 2018 subsequent to filling in as the political journalist driving statewide inclusion across four stations in Alabama: WBRC-Birmingham, WAFF-Huntsville, WSFA-Montgomery, and WTVM-Columbus.

During his residency in Alabama, Michael initiated a few high-profile political stories with public ramifications, including Gov. Robert Bentley’s abdication and the Roy Moore outrage. He recently revealed and secured for KOMU-TV, the NBC subsidiary in Columbia, Missouri.

KPNX 12 News Team

  1. Jan D’Atri
  2. Destry Jetton
  3. Lina Washington
  4. Jen Wahl
  5. Erica Stapleton
  6. Colleen Sikora
  7. Josh Sanders
  8. Lauren Rainson
  9. William Pitts
  10. Luke Lyddon
  11. Adriana Loya
  12. Jamie Kagol
  13. Niala Charles
  14. Bianca Buono
  15. Brahm Resnik
  16. Joe Dana
  17. Trisha Hendricks
  18. Rachel Cole
  19. Mitch Carr
  20. Vanessa Ramirez
  21. Krystle Henderson
  22. Emma Jade
  23. Emily Pritchard
  24. Rachel McNeill
  25. Scott McDonnell
  26. Cameron Cox
  27. Lindsay Riley
  28. Tram Mai
  29. Caribe Devine
  30. Mark Curtis

Michael Doudna Age

Information about his age will be updated as soon as possible.

Michael Doudna
Michael Doudna

Michael Doudna Wife

He is married to Bailey. The couple has been friends for a long time and the two met at a party.

Michael Doudna Height

He is 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 m) tall.

Michael Doudna Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of between $1 million and $5 million.

Michael Doudna Twitter

CLICK HERE to visit his Twitter page.


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