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Paul Wilbur Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Songs And Career.

Paul Wilbur Biography

Paul Wilbur (Paul Robert Wilbur) is an American Christian musician, worship leader, and guitarist. Wilbur primarily plays a messianic worship style of music.
He in collaboration with Integrity Music, Hosanna! Music, Epic Records, and Venture3Media, have released albums during his career. His first known musical work, Up to Zion, a live album, was released in November 1991.

Paul Wilbur Age

He was born on January 18, 1951.

Paul Wilbur Wife – Paul Wilbur Family

He is married to Luanne Wilbur. The couple has two sons; Nathan and Joel.
Paul Wilbur

Paul Wilbur Education

While he was in college during the 1970s he was planning to be an opera singer. His recording career started with Ed Kerr and Jerry Williams in a group called Harvest. The trio recorded two albums, the self-titled first album Harvest in 1979 and their second album Morning Sun in 1981.
After that, he left Kerr and Williams to continue with the band while he went on to pursue other interests. His next recorded album was in the group Israel’s Hope. The group released Introducing Israel’s Hope in 1987.

Paul Wilbur Career

Wilbur’s solo career began in 1991, with the release, Up to Zion, a live album, released by Hosanna! Music. He has received reviews for nine of his albums from Cross Rhythms.
Those reviewed were Shalom Jerusalem in 1995, Holy Fire in 1997, Jerusalem Arise! in 1999, Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem in 2002, The Watchman in 2005, Worship from the Heart of Israel in 2006, Praise Adonai in 2007, Live: A Night of Extravagant Worship in 2008, and Desert Rain in 2010, which was also reviewed by Worship Leader.
The 2013 album, Your Great Name, was reviewed by CCM Magazin.

Paul Wilbur Songs | Discography

Selected albums

  • Harvest (1979)
  • Morning Sun (1981)
  • Israel’s Hope (1985)
  • Arise O Lord (with Israel’s Hope) (1987)
  • Up to Zion (1991)
  • Shalom Jerusalem (1995)
  • Holy Fire (1997)
  • Jerusalem Arise! (1999)
  • Fuego Santo (1999) (Spanish version of Holy Fire)
  • Levántate Jerusalém (1999) (Spanish version of Jerusalem Arise!)
  • Shalom Jerusalém with Ana Paula Valadão (2000)
  • Celebración En Sión (2000)
  • Más De Ti (with Don Moen and Aline Barros) (2000)
  • Lion of Judah (2001)
  • Leon De Juda (2001) (Spanish version of Lion of Judah)
  • Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem (2002)
  • Levanta-te Jerusalém! with Cristina Mel (2002)
  • The Watchman (2005)
  • El Shaddai (2005) (Spanish version of The Watchman)
  • Worship from the Heart of Israel (2006)
  • Praise Adonai (2007)
  • Live: A Night of Extravagant Worship (2008)
  • Desert Rain (2010)
  • Lluvia en el Desierto (2010) (Spanish version of Desert Rain)
  • Your Great Name (2013)
  • Tu Gran Nombre (2013) (Spanish version of Your Great Name)
  • Ultimate Collection (2014)
  • Colección (2014) (Spanish version of Ultimate Collection
  • Forever Good (2016)
  • Por Siempre Fiel (2016) (Spanish version of Forever Good)
  • Roar From Zion (2019)

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